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March 29 2007

Preview of QMx's 'Serenity' blueprints (pdf). Unsure whether there's anything other than a pdf file of this (I don't believe so), but here's a nice look, right from QMx, of their 'Serenity' blueprints to be released next month.

This came from the QMx Insider newsletter, which you can subscribe to, of course.

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They look really nice, loads of detail. Probably a bit steep for me but nice all the same.

BTW, I hesitate to bring this up cos I bet there's some rotten fruit or vegetables (or even cheese ;) on its way to me but by 'Official' (and the pains the chap takes to mention that they're by the set designer), I take it these blueprints are canon ?
Wow, those look pretty amazing. I'd love to have a copy once these are available.
The FireflyTalk interview with Geoff Mandell, Tim Earls, and Andy Gore asked that. The answer was something like (paraphrasing) these are the guys who helped design the look of the ship and this is considered official by the studio, so it's as canon as anything you're ever likely to get.

That said, there are places where they won't match what you see on screen because it simply wouldn't fit, but it's damn close and perfectly gorgeous.
The blueprints (or at least this pdf) do take the position that the refit of the cargo bay is the result of selling the Lassiter -- something that's in the novelization, but as far as I know has never been remarked upon by Joss either way.

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As soon as possible, these shall be mine! *Insert wicked laugh here*
Question here. I can't seem to find a link to the PDF file from the site. Is it supposed to be seen by the general public? I only ask cause 'insider_images' comes up in the URL. If it's fine, please ignore my paranoia.
If I recall the post about it, it was a URL they included in their newsletter.
Ah fair enough then, it might be nice to include a link to the newsletter so people can sign up to it.

I keep seeing the money packs in my local comic shop, I am thinking about getting them. Has anyone framed them or come up with a novel way of displaying them?
Is the shower included, does anybody know? That would tell you if it's the Firefly or Serenity (movie) version.

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My money pack is still just sitting in its box.

There's a shower listed in that pdf.
There is indeed a shower.

It's a mix of the TV and movie version. The movie specs were used as much as possible, but the episodes were pored over for details to make it as complete as possible. At least one item is specifically TV-only (giggling to self).
Yes we discussed at length in the Firefly Talk interview whether certain features favored the Serenity or Firefly versions of the ship, and how discrepancies were resolved. Our latest show, #48, has the first part of the interview, and the next two podcasts will contain the rest.

Tim Earls was the original designer of the Firefly class ship, fleshing out the original design with Joss, and was also the lead set designer on Serenity. Geoff Mandel, the head of the blueprint project, was the graphic artist on Serenity.
I can't see them :(

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