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March 29 2007

TV Guide interview with Gentleman Doug Jones. Doug discusses working with Joss and Guillermo del Toro, the Gay Robot internet phenomenon, and his sordid past as a mime.

I suppose mime experience would be good on your resume to play one of the Gentlemen. Of course this means we are one step closer to Buffy Season 9: Mimes!
I'm glad things are going well for him. He's one of the nicest "entertainment" people I've met. His noncommittal speech at Comic Con last year regarding the Silver Surfer part was hilarious.
I just wish there were a key to it soemplace. I mena, the Gentlemen weren't all that similar-looking, but I have no idea when I see an actor which one he played, and I'd like to know.
I didn't know he was in Hellboy. Which character did he play?
Great interview.

I loved Hellboy and my daughter claimed that Pan's Labrynth was the greatest movie ever made, but however I shouldn't see it because it would be too gruesome for me.

Mac tonight! Huh!
ETA: He was Abe Sapien, except for the voice.

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@ deepgirl > He was Abe in Hellboy, the character not the voice.

@ DaddyCatALSO > Gentlemen photo, Doug is the taller one and Camden Toy is the other one in the photo. They were the main 2 Gentlemen in the episode.

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I'm just amused he's doing the voice work for Abe Sapien in the animated movies they're putting out. Does a pretty good job, too.

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