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March 29 2007

Gina Torres and David Boreanaz together again, starting June 8th. As FOX announces that the return of Gina's series Standoff will be following David's series Bones.

Argh, you got my hopes up there... Still, I wonder if these shows could crossover. I watch Bones but not Standoff, but I get the impression that the shows are similar in tone.
"Bones" fans just so you know the Friday schedule is only for the summer reruns. "Bones" will be back to its regular schedule of new episodes for season three. It looks like Fox is giving "Standoff" its support despite poor ratings. Good luck to the "Standoff" cast.
Thank GOODNESS the move for Bones is a summer only thing. It's been doing so well this season, especially now that we all know what night and time it comes on (unlike last season)! ;)
Dude. It took me a minute or so to think of what the "again" was referencing.

I was like, "David was on Firefly?"

I'm a bad, bad Whedonite.
'Standoff' has ended up being a bit patchy for me but I still hope it gets a second season. In a lot of ways I see it as sort of like 'Bones' in early season 1 in that there's just enough cast chemistry and just enough potential to tell different stories that it could blossom into something good (as, IMO, 'Bones' has). Not great maybe, probably never a classic show but a pretty decent procedural with an original angle.

Much as I like the leads though (and Gina of course - if she counts as a non-lead ?) there's no one character that really hooks me as Brennan did on 'Bones'.

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