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March 30 2007

Firefly and Tru Calling in today's IMDB poll. Vote for which short lived Sci-Fi show you'd like to see return! (Poll now closed).

Hmm...well...uh...lemme think...

Oh, I know! Firefly! ;-)
The only other even close for me was 'Farscape' and because the story was quite well 'finished' by the mini-series and because 'Farscape' had 4 seasons before cancellation and many more chances to tell stories I went for the only other serious choice on offer, 'SeaQuest DSV'. Kidding ;).
No surprise that Firefly is destroying this poll. Still a small part of me that hopes some Fox exec actually notices these polls and realizes how much interest there would be in a new series.
At least there's a little love there for Miracles...
The cancellation of Miracles was my first ended-too-soon TV trauma. Now we'll never know if its was "God is nowhere" or "God is now here".
My first cancellation trauma was ALF. I was 9, it was when I tragically learned about cliff hangers and the cruel whims of TV studios. *sob*

I've finally gotten my entire family into Firefly, now. My little sister keeps calling me to complain about Fox, or ask if I think they ever might do more. I'm so proud.
Angel isn't a poll option?
Angel isn't SF. (Neither are Tru Calling or Miracles but never mind...)

And does anyone else look at this and think all those other fandoms just don't have our level of organisation?
Firefly is of course my first choice, but I gotta give some love to Threshold, Surface, and Night Stalker. All great shows, all cancelled when they were getting good.
I just watched the last episode of tru calling again the other night and it made me angry at the tv. I really really really wanna know what happens next! Curse you studio execs! (unless of course you decide to do the Faith show, then by all means, un-curse yourselves.)
Farscape. Farscape! Farscape! I don't care that it has four seasons and a mini-series. I crave more John and Aeryn and Scorpius threesomes adventures.
I still want to see Tru kick that 90125-ers arse, and then her daddy's.

But Firefly, natch.

(Oops! I mean't "Beverly Hills, 90210", not the Yes album "90125". A freudian slip is when you say one thing, but mean your mother.)

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Does anyone else remember the show Now and Again? That really cool one where the dude who's on Without a Trace now had John Goodman's brain implanted into his body after Goodman copped it getting hit by a subway train? And then it ended with the first villain of the series escaping prison and killing everyone?

And then it never came back?

That was my first cancellation trauma.
And then it ended with the first villain of the series escaping prison and killing everyone?

You sure? I thought it ended with Michael (The Goodman/Close character), admitting everything to his family, and running away with then, just as the Doctor and government agents burst into his house looking to kill him for fleeing?

Yeah, I loved that show as well. Wish there was a DVD release.

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That quite possibly also happened on the season finale. It's been so long that I can't remember. But I definitely remember that the last scene was the "Egg Man" leaving prison as everyone in the prison started bleeding from the eyes and nose and dying.

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