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March 30 2007

FOX to split "Drive" Season. Upcoming five-week/six-episode run wraps on Monday, May 7 with the remaining installments of its initial 13-episode order then airing at a later date.

Splitting a full season I can understand. Splitting a 13 episode order is 'interesting' to say the least.
What worries me is that if the first six episodes don't get much of an audience, Fox may use that as an excuse to not show the other seven episodes. It'll be, well, "Wonderfalls" all over again. Fox must say that all 13 episodes will be shown no matter what--and on TV, not the internet.
I do agree with impalergeneral.
It sounds too much like a pre-emptive "Coverass" move from Fox, if they decide to go all Wonderfalls with it.
Fox must say that all 13 episodes will be shown no matter what--and on TV, not the internet.

They'd never say that, in case it tanks. If the audience isn't there for the first 5 weeks, I can't imagine it'll return. The fact a reality show is scheduled in Drive's place before it's even aired is, you know, kinda funny and sad at the the same time.

That said, if Drive finds it's audience immediately, they'll keep it absolutely, definitely. But the number of shows which immediately find their audience is small -- FOX's 'House' premiered to 7 million, and is now one of the biggest shows on TV, because (for some reason I can't understand) they supported it long term.

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I also agree with ImpalerGeneral, some kind of assurance is in order.

Recently 'Raines' an NBC procedural that looks interesting (to me anyway) was similarly cut from an initial 13 episodes to 7 with very little explanation before it even started airing. Given today's TV climate i'd imagine that puts a lot of people off watching and investing in a new show because it looks like it already has an uncertain future, it's like they're just throwing the 10-15 million spent on the first 7 episodes away. Doesn't make sense.

Worried the same thing might happen to 'Drive' without some cast-iron promise that the rest will be shown.
So long, Drive, it was nice knowing you. Oh, yeah, we don't really even know you yet...

It's Wonderfalls and The Inside all over again. Poor, Tim. He can't catch a break!

I hate FOX so much.
Here's an idea Fox will never consider..
Put "Drive" on FX. After putting on some good dramas...and then "Dirt"....why not include "Drive" in the mix?

...and the other shoe drops.

Well, we knew it was Fox. *Wipes away a cranky tear*
Well before the doom, gloom and angsty angst sets in, Fox may just have some strategy behind their decision. I don't think they made this decision lightly or to annoy online posters.

And I don't see why a network should promise to show all the episodes. You don't make a promise that you might not keep. Also I think viewers are well aware that if a show gets piss poor ratings, then the network is entitled to take it off the air. Fox isn't a charity, it does have a responsibilty to its shareholders and advertisers.
OK, knowing this we'll still watch, right ? Cos we're maniacs fans ;). But what about the majority of people who've maybe seen one too many shows last 6 or even fewer episodes before being canned ? Will they still watch knowing they may well be left dangling after 6 eps ?

"Having a strategy" (and to be honest I think it's fairly charitable to assume they do) matters little if your own actions kill the show before that strategy can even come into play.
A similar thing happened with The Practice on ABC, they shot 13 episodes for the first season but only aired 6 of them keeping the remaining 7 as part of the second season.

That show stayed on the air for eight years, so it doesn't automatically mean cancellation.
People should absolutely, definitely still watch as the only way for good drama to be made is if people watch it. Like I say, if Drive catchs an audience, FOX will keep it.
Absolutely agreed. Should != will though gossi. Just ask any doctor ;).

(and surely this move doesn't do anything to help a brand new show that may need and certainly deserves some nurturing ?)

And it doesn't automatically mean anything obviously, and right now it's not worth completely despairing but IMO it's casting a far more optimistic light on things than they deserve to say everything looks fine, no problems, nothing to see here.
Well, that doesn't sound good, but then it seems like every show I watch is getting chopped into little bits by multiple hiatuses (is that even a word?) this year. It doesn't make me want to commit to watching anything.
I don't make that a 5 week run -- April 15th to May 7th is 3 weeks, 1 day. Unless I'm wrong.
As a Lost fanboy (don't hurt me, please), I know that they kept having to throw in reruns because the filming of each ep (and editing and all that, I guess) took a really long time. So this season, Lost took a break instead of going ep-ep-rerun all year. If they are a little bit behind schedule finishing up Drive eps, it makes sense that they would take a break instead of reruns, etc. It does sound scary, but it might not mean doom at all. *hopes* ;-)

ETA: gossi -- Ooooh, math! OK, this should actually be 4 weeks instead of 3 OR 5, because it's inclusive -- the "first" week is the 15th itself. Then, it's 6 eps, because there are 3 eps that first week. So -- 3 eps, April 15-16; 1 ep, April 23; 1 ep, April 30; 1 ep, May 7. 6 eps in 4 weeks. I hope we won't have as long a wait as we will for new BSG eps -- another story altogether. :-(

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Good catch billz ;), gossi (and actually me too since I was about to post in agreement) made that most rookie of mistakes for folk in IT, the 'fencepost error'. Bad us-es, bad ;).

(didn't know/forgot that there were 3 episodes on in the first week though so i'd still have made it only 5 eps)

Also true about production schedules, Greg Beeman explains on his 'Heroes' blog why there are gaps in runs (scroll down to the 'Spring Hiatus 1' questions). Still, after only 6 episodes though ? Why not just plan better and premiere it later ?
I think we are crediting the general public with information that they just don't have. We get all this information about Drive because we are fans of Tim Minear/Nathan Fillion and (probably manically) seek it out. Will the general public, flicking through their TV Guide/watching adverts, know that Drive will only be on for a few weeks, or will they just either watch it or not watch it based on what they have seen/heard?

I really don't think it will initially affect the number of people who watch the show, though it might be difficult to build up a following if the show is only on for a few weeks then disappears. Also, in the US you are used to shows going on hiatus aren't you? Maybe not this early in the show, but most shows have one or two every year. We are only just starting to get this in the UK, with Sky getting shows within weeks (sometimes days) of their original broadcast in the US.
If you count it as "the week of..." it covers 5 weeks on the schedule ("the week of" 4/9, 4/16, 4/23, 4/30, 5/7).

ETA: in other words, it shows up in the ratings for 5 different weeks.

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And if you count in pixie weeks it's loads more than 5 ;-).

We are only just starting to get this in the UK, with Sky getting shows within weeks (sometimes days) of their original broadcast in the US.

Yeah, and not always adhering to the US's hiatus schedule which is why we had the last episode of SG-1 a couple of weeks ago whereas in the US the second part of the season doesn't even start until April. Happy days ;).

True about the 'goldfish bowl' aspect too. Could be we're (OK, i'm ;) just hypersensitive to news that won't bother (or be known to) other people.

Still seems like those first 6 episodes are going to have to be bloody excellent for most normal Joe's to seek out 'Drive' after an indeterminate break. And if they don't know it's 'supposed' to be back, won't most people just assume it's been cancelled when it goes off after 6 episodes ? Maybe by then Fox will know when it's set to return (or not) and the continuity announcer can be a bit more specific than "And 'Drive' will return at, err, some point. Probably".

(as with most things it's "Wait and see" but then the 'discussion' would've ended after one comment. How dull ;)
Fox just needs to promote the hell out of it, make people aware of when it will be aired, and stick to the schedule. Is that really too much to ask? Um, never mind.
Sometimes I wonder if this network is run by a bunch of people with ADD. Don't they *want* the kind of long term hit series that people have a chance to get really invested in?
Still hoping for the best.
I know I shouldn't be surprised, but I always am.
I wonder how a person comes to be a "household" or "viewer" who gets counted in the ratings; how "Neilson" families are chosen. As far as I know, I don't know anyone who has been part of a poll on tv viewing, and I am always getting calls from marketing types who want to ask me if I use some kind of canned goods or cosmetics.
Do you suppose they somehow target people who watch a whole lot of tv? How do they know, if so? Networks are so much more interested in numbers than in degree of fandom and interest, it would be nice to be at least, you know, counted in that larger group.
Probably everyone already knows this stuff, and I just missed it.
A 6 week break can kill a show that's on the bubble. Then again check out the rest of that article. They're bringing The Loop back. That's a show that came out over a year ago with only 6 episodes that didn't exactly have stellar ratings and now it's back in June with all new episodes and Fox is giving Drive some pretty heavy promotion then they ever gave The Loop last year. I liked that show a little more than I probably should, but I have a thing for single-camera comedies.

And Gossi I think the fact that Bryan Singer was involved with House could have had a something to do with why it was supported, I just don't know how much.

Toast I don't know about the regular tv thing, but I got a random phone call a few months ago asking me a bunch of questions that eventually lead to the woman announcing she was from Neilson and they are attempting to do try and monitor what people watch on their computer to add that in the ratings somehow. I almost volunteered until I realized that was tantamount to allowing them to install spyware on my computer and I'm not down with that.

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toast, my sister's family is a Neilsen Family and let me tell you, she better be watching Drive if she knows what's good for her!!!
Although I don't think that Whedonesquers are generally "glass half empty" types, we all know Tim's bad record with Fox. So to greet this news with lamentations is to be expected. Then we can rejoice when it is renewed and renewed and renewed and smugly say "We always knew it was going to be a hit".
Yeah, war_machine, that would be considerably more intrusive than a lttle box on the tv! I can't imagine that many people would go for that. Unless they wnt to lend you a separate computer for watching stuff. Which isn't likely. Lioness: This is the closest I've ever been to a Neilson family! I hope you've made these points very clear to her! ;)

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I hate FOX. This is the kiss of death, and while I admire the optimism of those who believe otherwise I will eat one of my more expensive pairs of shoes if we don't read all sorts of articles, etc about "that promising FOX show 'Drive' that lost its audience during its undefined midseason hiatus." Sigh...
FOX won't ever promise anything and I understand that.

The only reason I'll watch Drive is because it's Tim Minear.

But I never, ever watch new FOX shows now until I know they've got a full season. Because I really don't want to fall in love with a show that's just going to get pulled.

At least in the past, his shows haven't seemed like they would disappear so quickly. This time it already seems dire... unless it rates through the roof. Somehow.
I received postcards alerting me that someone from Neilsen was going to call to ask questions about viewing habits. And since they were most likely frustrated by the answering machine, I was sent a booklet to record what I watched. The envelope also include five crisp one dollar bills. (A bribe? A contribution to the cable bill?)
It made a big deal of how I was representing the viewers in my area. You could also write comments about what you liked or didn't about TV, etc. So I wrote a little essay about giving shows a chance to find an audience and all that. And I ended with how I was really looking forward to a new show called "Drive".
Maybe I'm optimistic or naive, but I don't think this indicates a retreat from Fox. It sounds to me like they're doing a lot of schedule juggling and this is just one piece. I think Fox likes this show a lot.
But I never, ever watch new FOX shows now until I know they've got a full season. Because I really don't want to fall in love with a show that's just going to get pulled.

While I respect and understand your reasons for taking this attitude, if everybody took it then there would be no new shows that lasted a whole season, because nobody would be watching the shows that FOX or other networks were taking a chance on and so they would be cancelled. At least if we watch them and show an interest from the start, we give them a fighting chance.
Exactly, Cider. Also, you're right about the point that the wider audience won't know about this at all, so it won't effect the initial Drive ratings.
bloodflowers: I am glad to hear that they asked you! May they find many more of your ilk. The money is an amusing touch; perhaps they don't trust anyone who would give their opinion freely? We must all be suspect, if so!
Wait a minute, we're not getting paid for this ?

Nice knowing you all.

(and doesn't crossoverman live in Oz ? In which case it's likely he can't have much impact on the initial ratings, much as we in the UK can't either though clearly if all our American chums felt that way then 'Drive' would be in trouble. Pretty sure Bittorrent doesn't feature in the figures though ;)
Bye, bye Drive. It was nice getting to know you. Oh, wait, I NEVER GOT A CHANCE TO!

Sad really but it is Fox so also totally unsurprising. Tim, you have *got* to find work at another network. My heart can't stand the pain of this again (and again and again and ....)!
I have to agree with those who say that the idea that people will initially NOT watch the show because it's slated for 6-7 episodes before break is untrue. (Wow that was a confusing, triple-negative sentence. Let me try again: people will not be put off by the fact that Fox changed the schedule this way; most viewers don't pay attention to that kind of thing going into a new show.)

Instead of seeing this as the kiss of death, why don't we try to think of how it could be a GOOD thing? For instance, having a hiatus after not too many shows means that Fox has the opportunity for some pretty innovative promotional moves before the second half of the first season. They could release the first 6 shows on DVD right away. They could put them online right away -- all six episodes of Andy Barker P.I. are available free online right now (not that it's helping the ratings, but still). They could re-run them in a marathon on FX. They could sell them on iTunes, etc. In short, if they DO continue it after the hiatus, there are loads of ways to bring in viewers and catch people up; it might actually be BETTER than having one long season where people who miss the first few episodes are screwed out of understanding what's going on.
I have to admit that this news has me a little worried. Drive is the only show, other than Heroes, that looked at all interesting to me out of this season's batch and I'd really hate to see it doomed before it even gets a chance to shine.

This might not be as bad as some of us are obviously thinking but the fact is that I simply do not trust Fox to do what is best for a television show. Now and again they manage to not kill a decent show before the third episode has aired but for every 24, House or Bones there are just as many shows like Firefly, Wonderfalls or Brimstone that were never allowed a chance to become hits despite being exceptional television.

I really hope that Drive is allowed the thrive... Wait a sec, that's the campaign slogan right there. "Let Drive Thrive!" will be popping up on Drive fansites all over the internet by the end of the day. :)
if everybody took it then there would be no new shows that lasted a whole season, because nobody would be watching the shows that FOX or other networks were taking a chance on and so they would be cancelled

The fact that if EVERYBODY made a particular choice it would cause a problem isn't a reason for NO ONE to ever make that choice.

I'm actually kind of surprised there are people whose first reaction ISN'T "well, bye-bye, Drive". Not because it's a foregone conclusion, but because as some point it's okay for the historical pattern to make you cynical. Heh.

I don't know how many people in the general TV-viewing audience will hear about this artificially-stunted first run. But I have no doubt at all that, outside of pre-existing fans, most people who DO hear about it will give Drive a pass.
Septimus, upon seeing the news earlier, I was as sad as many others here are, but now I think you're right. Assuming that the first 6 episodes are good, taking a short break to redistribute those episodes through other media to give potential viewers who missed jumping on the initial bandwagon a chance to catch up to the party may not be such a bad idea.

I was probably one of the few people who never heard anything about LOST until it was well underway, and at that point, I just couldn't grasp enough to be entertained by it and didn't want to watch it until I could see it from the beginning. By waiting until the first season was complete to release the DVDs of the beginning, they lost out on having me as a real-time viewer of the show as it aired. But if FOX gives people the chance to catch up before the rest of the season is complete, they're more likely to bring in additional viewers for the remainder of the season while it's actually airing, i.e., more $$$$$ from advertisers.

So I will choose to look on the sunny side and see this as a good thing. :-)
I’m not happy with this since I need to see as much of “Drive” as possible now. However, given what Fox has invested in “Drive” with its nonstop barrage of advertising, I actually see this as a perverse sign of confidence in the show.

Since most shows end in May with May sweeps, it could actually kill the show to continue it to the end of June. Frankly, with all the main shows done, hardly anybody watches television in the summer and show ratings are terrible. If Fox airs new episodes of “Drive” during the summer, the ratings from all of the reruns and other new shows that the networks are clearing out of their house (like “The Loop”) could take “Drive” down with them.

As mentioned above with “The Practice”, this was also done with “Grey’s Anatomy”. They only aired nine of thirteen episodes in the first season and then had a monster twenty-seven episode second season. And we all know how that story turned out.
Since most shows end in May with May sweeps, it could actually kill the show to continue it to the end of June.
Being pulled for the sweeps period itself though is rarely a sign that a network has confidence in a show.
I 'm completely unsure how a show gets to be sufficiently popular to ensure its continued existence, even briefly. Is there an average viewer who channel surfs until s/he finds something that catches her eye? Does a large portion of the audience in the US read "TV Guide", the tv section of the local newspaper... anything about television...anything at all?

I once emailed the local Pittsburgh TV critic , to ask him why he never wrote about "The Wire" He said, essentially, that he didn't have time to watch it. He did once feature another reporter's story on the show but basically, he's "too busy." (Guess he doesn't feel it's his job?) If people rely mostly on these kind of sources for viewing tips, it's all so random.

I hope Fox does have some kind of strategy beyond throwing a lot of stuff in the water to see if it's airy enough to bob up, and leaving anything with a touch of weight to sink .
However, given what Fox has invested in “Drive” with its nonstop barrage of advertising, I actually see this as a perverse sign of confidence in the show.

I'm with you. I only watch Fox to see new episodes of Bones, The Simpsons, and sometimes The Family Guy, which means only brief parts of Sunday and Wednesday nights, but I've seen a lot of promos for Drive. They look great, too. I bet the initial audience will be good.
This isn't the death knell for the show... It's getting six episodes. We know how Fox works. Chances are, even if it got an uninterrupted run through to ep 13 but did badly in ep 5 it would be cancelled. But...

If Drive gets good ratings, which it should with all the promoting Fox have gone, and if the audience stays steady or builds up until ep 6 it will leave a good impression with Fox prior to the May upfronts. Also, even if it gets an 8.0 and returns from hiatus with high 6s or a 7.0, that's still enough to keep it around. Six episodes is enough to establish an audience base.

This isn't the best knews, but it's not a sign of impending cancellation either.
We were also a Nielsen family for one week. It was the week Joss' "Office" episode aired. We did exactly what you did and used the comments section to its fullest, including our plans to watch "Drive."
Unfortunately it was a week we watched almost no TV, so I hope they didn't toss our booklet aside as a statistical anomaly.
Okay, its not all bad. As pointed out above, there might need to be a lax between episodes because of the production schedule. It would make sense, to Fox, to air old episodes of another long-running series or start a new reality show (a good amount of those tank, too *cough*American Dream Vote*cough*) because the reruns of Drive they might air just premired less than a month ago.

The first season of Grey's Anatomy was a 13 episode series but ABC ended its 1st season after episode 9, and the remaining 4 were added on to the beginning of the 2nd season.

Does Tim know what a 14th episode is like? Does this news worry me? Yes, because it seems like its over before it even begins. But maybe its not all that bad.
if everybody took it then there would be no new shows that lasted a whole season, because nobody would be watching the shows that FOX or other networks were taking a chance on and so they would be cancelled

The fact that if EVERYBODY made a particular choice it would cause a problem isn't a reason for NO ONE to ever make that choice.

Actually I believe that it is. If you think that you are going to a enjoy a show, but take the attitude, 'well it's only going to be cancelled - so I'm not going to watch it' then yes, it probably WILL be cancelled. But if every single person who thought, 'I might enjoy this show' actually went on to watch it - there is a good chance it would not be cancelled.

It's just a little pet hate of mine, like tactical voting - 'I really like X but I'm not going to vote for them because they have no chance of winning'. If every single person who thought that actually voted for X then they would have a chance of winning.

Would we have gotten Serenity if nobody had bought the Firefly DVD's because they didn't want to fall in love with a cancelled TV show? Every single person who bought that set, and loaned it to someone, and continues to do so, made a difference.

Of course everyone has their own choice to make as to what they do or do not watch, and as I said I respect and understand the decision crossover made, but if we don't support the things that we believe we may enjoy just because we are scared of falling in love, then they will die out and all we will be left with is Reality TV.

Of course my choices make no difference because I don't live in the US. And apparantly neither does crossover, which I did not know when I responsed to their post.
I'm more than a little apprehensive about this new development. But I suppose we have no choice other than give FOX a chance on this.

One thing really worries me though. Now mind, I only watch FOX twice a week (House on Tuesdays, Bones on Wednesdays) and I think I've seen one ad for Drive in the past couple of months. That gives me serious pause, because both those time periods (9:00 and 8:00 respectively) are prime viewing slots. So the pessimist in me wants to say that the death-knell for Drive has already been sounded.

*sigh* I'm thinking positively, I'm thinking positively...

Would we have gotten Serenity if nobody had bought the Firefly DVD's because they didn't want to fall in love with a cancelled TV show?

Actually, yes, but that's just a bad example Cider.
I've seen one ad for Drive in the past couple of months.

I've actually been tracking the ads for my fan site. Drive ads tend to run five or six times a week. At the start, an ad would run either during the first or second hour of programming; lately they've been doubling up on some nights, such as this past Monday, when one aired during Prison Break and a different ad aired during 24.

I'm guessing you haven't seen as many because often, the ads run during American Idol on those nights.
I was a Nielsen reviewer last July for a week. They called me up about a month prior and asked me if I'd be interested. Which was a little strange since my phone number is unlisted, and they also had my address in their records. Nielsen's = Big Brother?? :) They sent me a little booklet and the five dollars to record what I was watching as described by a previous poster.

But the interesting thing was that they allowed you to include anything you were watching that you had recorded from a previous broadcast. So, of course, I made sure to watch all the Firefly episodes that the SciFi Channel had aired in a marathon the week before. :)

But I agree with many of the previous posters - If I was just a random television watcher and happened to catch Drive and like it and then it was suddenly gone, I would move on. Makes me a little bit worried for its chances - unless Fox is truly behind the show and continues to advertise heavily for the show during the hiatus.
My main worry, probably shared by a few of the suits at Fox, is caused by the crash and burn that a huge number of deep mythology serialized shows did this past fall. Everyone from the suits down to the fanboys and girls know a Tim Minear show will be of a higher quality than most anything on the tube, but I fear the timing of this particular breed of show combined with (not to be supsertitious but COME ON) a fairly poor history of extending Tim's series beyond infancy doesn't bode well in light of this new news either.
Nathan will be free for Serenity II...
Would we have gotten Serenity if nobody had bought the Firefly DVD's because they didn't want to fall in love with a cancelled TV show?

Actually, yes, but that's just a bad example Cider.

Ok - well - but.... even less people would have gone to see it :-)
So... now they are canceling it before it has been shown - interesting!
Dumb, dumb, dummy dumb dumb. Oh! Sorry, though I was ranting in the blind. Which would explain FOX, but not me. Won't happen again!
Hey, at least The War at Home will end early. How the hell is that show still on the air? That's the puzzle.

I'm apprehensive about this news--look what happened to Lost's ratings after its hiatus this season, and it's fucking Lost--but oh well, when you're dealing with FOX you're dealing with the devil, and I hear that sumbitch is a tricky bastard. But I still occasionally give them the benefit of the doubt: They did run Arrested Development for three seasons...yeah, they handled it really poorly, but at least they gave it a semi-shot.

One thing that does worry me, however, is that up until last week, all the ads for Drive only said "Coming Soon." Last week was the first time one of the ads actually said it would premiere on Sunday, April 15, at 8:00 P.M. I was pretty pissed off before that, because I had no idea in hell when it would air...and I come here to Whedonesque every single day (it's very possible I just missed that nugget of info). Yeah, they've been running ads like crazy during American Idol, but does it really help when they're just now starting to actually tell folks when it's gonna come on? Though, to be fair, HBO just now started running ads stating that The Sopranos and Entourage will return April 8. So what do I know?

And, holy shit, The Loop is back? I thought it got canceled. I kinda liked it. Sort of.
What I thought when I first heard this news is that 6 episodes is not enough time to test loyalty. Even if it is a big hit, a hiatus so soon could kill it if most of the viewers don't return along with the new episodes. TV viewers are fickle and forgetful. Rarely will they go out of their way to find a show they only sorta liked. And even those viewers who like the show a lot might assume a hiatus means bad news. I'm not worried that this news would turn-off potential viewers before the show airs; on the contrary, I'm worried the viewers who don't know about this preemptive hiatus might come to the wrong conclusion when they try to find the seventh episode but end up faced with "American 5th Grade Spouses: The Deadliest Attacks!!!". Drive could be the best show ever, but by only giving it six episodes to prove it, FOX may end up killing it.

I don't think FOX are actually trying to kill Drive, but, given their history, they haven't exactly bought my confidence in any "strategy" they may have.
Heroes took two big breaks in the middle of this first season. BSG started as a miniseries and didn't come back for a loooooooong time. I'm using these examples to show that I still don't think viewers will lose interest just because of the scheduling. If the eps are good, people will want to stick with it, IMO. (This is sounding like "If you build it, they will come," but, this time it could be true!) ;-)

And, as far as changing from "Coming Soon" to announcing the actual date, I kinda feel like if you had seen a commercial in February for something in April and you weren't a Tim/Nathan fan, you would have either felt annoyed that you were getting a commercial so early, or else you would have said, "Oh, I don't have to think about this for a long time," and forgotten about it. I think that when they run "Coming Soon," they want you to feel intrigued and curious. Does that strategy work? *shrugs*

Plus, Fox is always changing their minds, as far as I can tell. If the ratings are huge, they just might add some more eps to the run, IMO, or else make a definite date for when the show is returning. But you can't air what you don't have, and if they only have 6 eps ready to go, what choice do they have? As far as I can tell from Drivefans and blogs here and there by people who know what's happening, it seems like they are still working on ep 5 right now. As much as I HATE to believe in Fox, it sounds to me like this is no excuse, it's the truth this time.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go throw up from the pain and humiliation of believing in Fox. ;-)
Heroes took two big breaks in the middle of this first season.
I'm not sure that's a good example as they ran their first 11 episodes uninterrupted.

Plus, Fox is always changing their minds, as far as I can tell. If the ratings are huge, they just might add some more eps to the run
This however, is very true. FOX seem to have more schedule changes than any of the other networks. If "Drive" is a hit out of the box FOX may well decide to keep it on for sweeps.


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