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March 30 2007

After ten years, what questions are left? A great audio recording from the recent Buffy panel at the New York Comic Con. Some lovely and hilarious cast anecdotes to be had.

That was fun. And I realized as I listened to it that I had never heard Juliet Landau's normal voice before. It was softer, somehow, than I expected.
"Buffy the Vampire Killer" ??
EDIT: Oh, nevermind.

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I had a somewhat lengthy chat with Juliet in the bathroom after the panel, and I can't remember a word she said because all I kept thinking was, "I knew she wasn't British, but I had no idea she had such a pretty speaking voice!" LOL!
I agree with the comments about Juliet's voice. That's also the first time I've heard it. Now I have to dig up some video, because I'm having a hard time putting that voice with the face I know.

Somehow, after hearing her regular voice, I get the feeling she had a lot of fun playing Drusilla.
Heh, cool, nice stories, funny banter. And yep, it's fast becoming passť, but Juliet Landau has a lovely voice (she slipped back into Drusilla pretty well too though I have to say for me hers was probably the least convincing accent - OK, apart from DB's 'Oirish' ;) - BUT cockney is pretty tough, even for English actors and she made a great attempt so there's no shame there).

Also, I don't care what the actual actor who played the part says (or Joss), Larry didn't die. His back was broken, he went on to be a great ambassador and spokesman for gay/paraplegic rights. That's my story and it's gettin' stuck to, just watch ;).
Saje, thank you for saving Larry. I've really missed him.
Since we're talking about voices, I've always wanted to ask how JM's Spike accent sounded to British ears. Even I (California born & bred) could hear that DB's Irish was awful, but usually I can't tell. And I've heard enough dreadful American accents on the BBC to know how cringeworthy a bad accent can be.
(Although I heard Jamie Bamber on the radio recently and almost ran a red light. I had no idea Lee Adama wasn't American. And Hugh Laurie's from Cleveland, right?)
And Hugh Laurie's from Cleveland, right?

*giggle giggle snort*

Saje, you're preaching to the choir in my case.
Well, I always did want to teach, the world to sing, in perfect harmoneeeeee Reddygirl ;).

jcs, JM's was a pretty good attempt but a bit patchy, occasionally stumbling on fairly simple/common words (like 'Mum' for instance) so I'd think most Brits would pick him out as non-English quite quickly (though I haven't asked them all. Yet ;).

Spike though is open to a great fan-wank in that a) William was originally quite posh and so wouldn't have sounded much like 'Punk' Spike anyway and b) he's travelled the world for over a hundred years in which time his accent's bound to get a bit strange. Given the context then it's actually pretty decent, sort of more realistic than a perfect English accent would be. For the same reason DB's occasional Irish inflections worked really well in present day Angel (if that was a deliberate acting choice it was a great one) but the Liam flashbacks were an exercise in painful embarrassment (and i'm not even Irish ;).

(and agreed, when I first saw BSG I didn't immediately realise Bamber was the same - very English - guy that played Archie in 'Hornblower'. To my ear a flawless Yank accent)
Thanks, Simon, I enjoyed that article. And I can think of several more questions right off the top of my head. Which brave soul chooses to go first?
Thank you so much for that, Simon. As someone who's never attended a con & most likely will never have the opportunity .... living in the middle of the Pacific Ocean has a few disadvantages, unless you have a lot of money :) ... this kind of thing is such a treat.
The most fun thing for me is that these actors still seem to have such fond memories of the experience. Johnathon Woodward's Firefly story was a real hoot..
On accents, I'm another yank who was shocked to hear Jamie Bamber's real accent for the first time, I had no idea he wasn't American. Bur then I was shocked to hear James Marster's real voice for the first time as well, as I thought he was really English. And Bianca Lawson's accent on the show was so much fun, I kept wondering what planet she was supposed to be from.

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