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March 30 2007

Tony Head does a little 'Persuasion', this Sunday on ITV1. He plays Sir Walter Elliot in this television adaptation of the Jane Austen novel. In the UK the DVD release will be on Monday, April 2. Also on Monday, the Dr. Who animated series will begin to air on BBC1. This adaptation will be coming to the US via PBS this November.

Thanks moley75 for the information, I added it to the front page description. I also changed the main link to the mention of the film on Tony's site.

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Oh, that is so great (I wish I got ITV1) Tony Head would be perfect as Sir Walter Elliot, I hope it comes to the USA soon!
The other two of the recent ITV Jane Austens, Mansfield Park and Northanger Abbey, are co-productions with WGBH Boston and will be shown on PBS. However, the IMDB doesn't list WGBH as a co-producer for Persuasion.
Apparently, all the recent ITV adaptations will be shown in November on PBS.
Thanks for the great news moley75
Tony Head as a supercilious air head - he will be fab I am sure!. I love the 1995 version with Amanda Root and Ciaran Hinds and I am looking forward to all of these - BIG Jane Austen fan.
And in very slightly related news, Doctor Who season 3/29 (non-animated version) starts tomorrow evening. It's off-topic, i'm just looking forward to it ;).

(and I thought ASH might be narrating Doctor Who Confidential this season but it turns out they've got Simon Pegg back to do it)

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OK, it actually is ASH doing the Confidential narration. Serves me right for believing bloody Wikipedia ;).
Good call, I was only half paying attention and didn't realise till I read your post.
Wait, wait, wait, Brits get to see ASH in a Jane Austen thingy way before we otherwise totally entitled Americans get to do? Does that seem right to you?

How aggrieving. It's almost enough to start a war with the UK. Oh, wait, we've already done that before.

Want to hear how it goes from one of youse lucky Brits. Persuasion is one of my favorites - love the '95 one to pieces.

Not fair.

*sulks in a corner, sucking her thumb and contemplating the most recent South Park episode.*
Oh wow, ASH as Sir Walter Elliot! That sounds hilarious! :) Anne Elliot's father is one of my favorite Austen characters. I'm sorry I'll have to wait till November to see him. Not fair, indeed.
November: Get to see Tony Head in Persuasion

December: Go on the Browncoat Cruise

I am a lucky Yank indeed.

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