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"You got a real addiction to the brooding part of life, did anyone ever tell ya that?"
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March 30 2007

Lord of the Geeks - Joss talks fandom. And there's comments from the guys behind 'Cherub' and 'Into The Black' as well.

OMG this is in IEEE spectrum!!! OMG! lol. Sorry i am a little freaking out, I use their search engine to look for papers at their various conferences and journals... it is soooo freaky.
*When* I get equipment again and *if* I can both afford and learn how to use good enough software, I intend to join the party. (admittedly, except for James, Mercedes and Danny I'd have everyone's simulacrum playing dual roles;the characters in their 40s and their own teenage children.)

Seriously, it's amazing where the Jossverse turns up; white holes everywhere leading into it, methinks.
It's kind of sad to read again how Joss had like one friend that he did stuff with as a kid, but I'd rather imagine that and him reading, drawing, thinking about things in his head than going out and setting the neighborhood cats on fire in fits of lonely pique.

And this is just inaccurate:

"The fandom is rabid,” says “Into the Black” cocreator, Damien Spracklin, “because Joss’s stuff always gets canceled.

Buffy wasn't canceled. Angel wasn't renewed (a complicated tale). For what Joss accomplished with his shows, even the short run of Firefly was nothing short of miraculous in the network environment he had to deal with.

I honestly don't relate much to the folks out there doing their own shows and whatnot based on his, but Joss' humanistic viewpoint appears to be so wide that he can't help but be magnanimous about it. What a mensch. Joss, are you sure you aren't somehow related to Sir Thomas More? I watched the "free, yet censored" two episodes of The Tudors on Showtime's website and seeing More and his philosophies espoused yet again on film was the best part of watching them. When asked what he cared for most in the world, More replied, "My integrity is what I care for most."
DaddyCatALSO, that or the jossverse is like this non-parasitic virus that gets in everywhere. Even in an electrical engineering trade magazine. Weird.

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The article isn't dated, but I liked reading how "next month" the Browncoats are getting together for their "first" convention.
I know it's a petty point, but Joss is not 43 yet. It's easy for me to remember his birth date, because it's nine days before mine. We're not 43 yet. Very minor point.
Yeah, I don't get the next month is the browncoats first convention?? There is no date, but I think its linked to the April 2007 edition.
Kurya, I share your random excitement. I use IEEE to cite non-patent references for patent applications all the time. How very odd to see an article about Joss there!
“I’m sure there’s bad work out there,” he says. “But ultimately, if someone’s taking it to their heart, that’s why I’m here. I make a living; I made sure that I do. All they’re doing is spreading the word. It would be both stupid and selfish to try to quash it.”

More reasons, as if we needed them, to like our Jossir.

But for a rising generation, he’s the new lord of the geeks.

I've got a generation? That's a relief or something... And I'm an acolyte? That's just novel, as someone who in her youth was not permitted to be an altar girl...

Wow, I'm an acolyte! Are there costumes uniforms? robes? I want robes.
How about a tiara? We all look good in a tiara.
hmmm I dont mind being an acolyte as long as we arent expected to drink the funky kool aid or something... and tiara.... hmmm as long as it goes with my eyes. And wow binkaboo. All that is missing a computer vision conference having Joss as a keynote speaker. I would sooo die then!(but not in an acolyte member of church of joss kind of way).
I really hate it when Buffy is described as "campy."
jcs: "How about a tiara? We all look good in a tiara."

jcs, ain't it the truth.
Yeah, never really saw it as particularly camp though I do remember having my definitions broadened by someone last time this came up (maybe Dana5140 ?).

Re: generations, have they used 'Z' yet ? Cos then we must be 'AA', like the batteries.

And aren't geeks traditionally meritocratic ? I think I prefer 'semi-elected official representative of the geeks' though it is catchinessly challenged admittedly.

Also, turns out VikingPrincesses did wear tiaras. Boy do those historians have egg on their faces.
Such an curious mix of correct info and oddly wrong. I want to know where this convention is and why I wasn't invited! And QG, you know you are part of the pepsi generation!
In college my friends and I refused to be labeled as Generation X - we are The Star Wars Generation!
I prefer to think of myself as a member of the Lost, Coddled, Mismanaged, Media-Saturated, Pandered To, and Self-Destroying Generation...but if you wanna call me part of the Joss Generation, then I ain't gonna complain.
I think they did use "Z", Saje. The re-generation? I'm with QuoterGal on the robes. They cover many a wardrobe malfunction.
"..... for a rising generation" ??? I'm older than Joss & he has no more devoted fan than me. Except possibly my thirty year old cousin and my guy friend's sixteen year old daughter, although she's actually more into the shows than the creator.
But I do love the title, "Lord of the Geeks". Great photo, too.

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Heya..they mentioned my YouTube account! I uploaded the trailers for 'Forgotten Memories', shame they missed the fact that it was an entire episode filmed by Emma, not just those trailers. Still...sweet!

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