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"Yeah, I killed a city one time. Funny story."
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March 30 2007

Sheldon calls for Joss to save the day! Popular webcomic Sheldon recognizes Joss as the only person who is capable to fix Star Wars' plot holes!

If there's one man out there that 'one of us' would call on to save a universe that has caused us pain and distress plot-wise, it's Joss!

And here, in Sheldon, one of the geenkiest webcomics out there if you ask me, that's exactly what the creator Dave Kellett does...

After running a short storyline discussing Star Wars plot-holes and annoying-stuff-like-that, he sets of to find a solution to his 'problem' (just like we all did, in a sense, i guess, what with Firefly and all...)

Next strip will probably feature a Whedon-fan treat of some kind, from what we can expect... Just thought peeps here might like to know ;)

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Man, this guy won't stop talking about Joss. 2 times in like 4 days.
Well, I'd probably not stop either... Errr, wait a second, I rarely do stop anyway, now that I think about it ;)

Still, it's a cool strip anyway, and it appreciates the Joss-ness...
He saw the hits come in from the 'verse after the first comic and now is pandering. If Sheldon is so rich, why can't he just support Joss' original works - like Firefly?
I don't think it really works that way. It seems much more 'sincerely geeky' to me than that, in the sense that, ok, maybe he would prefer topics that 'interest the audience', but you can't really think of jokes and strip ideas in general at will I presume. Like, try doing it yourselves, on cue, thinking of something funny to say about the X thing many people (including yourself) are fans of...
Maybe it's just me. Still, I think it's top notch, Joss or no Joss (not that he's not a plus, mind you) ;)
Well, that certainly came out of a blind spot. Joss is a most reknown script docter in Hollywood, but I would never wish this task on him. Actually, I would never wish this project on any respected writer/director. Even our Joss would rip his hair out trying to piece that storyline (?) together.

Besides, he has better fish to fry, namely, "Goners".
No one else just thought it was funny?
Yeah, I thought it was funny (I didn't just think it was funny though I also thought, "What's that strange arrow thingy in the corner of frame 1 ?". Psh, who says men can't multi-task ? ;).

Maybe he is pandering but a) we can't really know that and without any previous evidence maybe we should just give the guy the benefit of the doubt and b) i'm kinda OK with it so long as the strip's still funny, s'not like it cost me much (beyond 30 weekend seconds).
Saje, you would be a perfect person to watch a movie with.
So long as there're no weird arrow thingies to distract me ;).
Yes, arrow thingies - or is it a chicken foot? In my world, it's an inexplicable chicken foot.

I thought the strips have been funny, myself, which is enough reason to read them - I just keep hoping that their server is sufficient to take all the hits.

Saje, voted Most Perfect Person To Watch A Movie With. I'm sure you don't talk during a movie. I can't abide a Movie Talker. Unless the movie sucks out loud, in which case, verbal abuse is called for.

As Bill Hicks said, the primary "miracle of life" is raising a kid that doesn't talk in a movie theatre.
Ah no, i'm actually quite, err, 'enthusiastic' about people NOT talking during the film (unless it really requires it - 'Doom' for instance is actually pretty good fun if you just sit and take the piss all the way through).

I do tend to hog the Pringles though ;).
As long as you don't cut a hole on the bottom of your popcorn box, I'm in.

Hah, no problem, I don't do that (not since the whole 'hot butter' incident anyway ;-).
I was about to comment on the 'Pringles', but QuoterGal is much faster on the keyboard than I. Still scratching my head with the chicken foot. Did you mean pig feet? Never mind, don't even go there!

Back to subject, I think Sheldon is just being vocal on what many of us feel. We're missing Joss on our small screens.
I remember watching "Attack of the Clones" for the first time, and rewriting the story in my head as the movie was going on. All the big action pieces would have been the same, just the annoying dialogue and weak story would have been redone. Its one thing if the story has flaws that pull you "out of the moment", but this was too much.

That's what I appreciated about Joss and the other writers of the Whedonverse: the flow of the acts within the episode, and the continuity between episodes (with a wink if they don't want to keep it).
Thanks for that new link Groosalugg, I'm glad I checked it out. Funny.
Hah, yep, liked the new one, cheers the Groosalugg.

(and clearly Sheldon - or at least his creator - and I are sympatico ;)
Yes, that is a funny strip, though it points out something that's been bugging me lately.

There's this fanboy thing going 'round about Joss. Like he's a one-trick pony regarding his writing and the killing off of beloved characters. Seems like lately, whenever Joss is mentioned in an article or a strip like this one, they have to throw in the obligatory comment about how "oooooh, nobody's safe in Whedon World..." complete with mock-scared fanned out hands as they make the smug comment. Like that's the only thing he knows how to do?

Character death has always been a part of Joss's storytelling, to great effect. I'm offended on his behalf that it's seemingly being turned into some smarmy cliche. Joss is a frickin' genius, people! Talk about something else! Especially since most of the folks putting this stuff out claim to be fans. They should know better.
You mean, like, Han-Solo turns out to be gay ?

Heh. ;)

Or... he could introduce an ass-kicking psychic teen girl Jedi with a predilection for ensouled Sith warriors.
Ah no, i'm actually quite, err, 'enthusiastic' about people NOT talking during the film (unless it really requires it - 'Doom' for instance is actually pretty good fun if you just sit and take the piss all the way through).

And of course it's obligatory that you talk back during 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show.'

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