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April 01 2007

(SPOILER) "Buffy's translation to pen and ink is an ab-fab success". An overview of the first two issues of Buffy season 8.

And hooray! Some spoilers for us to chew on before issue 2 comes out on the 4th.

Well, !

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I absolutely loved issue one. Comics don't usually appeal to me. I read them once and that is it. This one I read and reread several times.Great stuff!! It's just so good to have Buffy back.I can't wait til issue two.
Only… three… more… days…

And I'll probably be out of town on w*rk, unable to enjoy the fresh printy-ness that is a day old Buffy comic. My wife will get the scoop before I do. She'll probably taunt me about it, too.

W*rk, why do you always have to get in the way of play?
Four years since "Chosen??" What in the name of nob happened to 18 months?

Well...guess that makes sense. 18 months seems too short a time to have built up all that the Buffy & co. have got for resources by the looks of the comics. Still...definitely gotta wonder what's been up in the interim, especially around May 2004;)
The "four years later" thing was probably just a mistake on the part of the writer. If not, Joss'll probably clarify at some point.
Boy, I hope the focus does NOT remain on the military industrial complex. Been there already!
I have to say, I've never considered Buffy to be a "political" show. Of course it comments on politics and current events, but I've always seen Buffy as a show that anyone could relate to, identify with, etc., regardless of his or her political bent. I really fiercely hope that the strongly political nature of the comic is just that writer's interpretation, and is not a new direction for our beloved Buffy.
regarding the "four years", it wasn't referring to how much time has passed between Seasons seven and eight, but only how many years that's passed in our lives (reality) when the show ended down in 2003, and the comic is being published in 2007 (four years)
Dana5140: Boy, I hope the focus does NOT remain on the military industrial complex. Been there already!

Amen, amen, amen.

Don't need much more of 1-dimensional, scowly, churly big brass know it all jackasses. Tiresome, cliche, and uninteresting.

Agree with KatieB about Buffy not being political, even when it kind of politics and other beliefs are not, to put it mildly, anywhere near those of Mr. Whedon, and yet I tout his genius and brilliant accomplishments to pretty much everybody who'll listen to me.

So, I hope this newest rendition will not sour me in any way. As I've said, Joss has earned the eternal benefit of my doubt, so I'm cautiously, anxiously, and nervously hopeful that this thing will work out.

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I love that is seems as if issue 2 continues to feel and sound like Buffy. I can't wait for the next one!
Buffy exists in a political context, not a vacuum. Both in her world and ours. I don't think it would be right to call her apolitical- she's just more about personal power rather than party politics. But the main thing is the "dork delight". I'm experiencing it now, just from reading the article.
Spoilers? What spoilers?? It's going to take forever for me to get these comics, I want some *real* spoilers, damnit. Can't tolerate spoilers for movies or TV, but hey ....
I've always found Buffy, Angel and ESPECIALLY Firefly to be extremely political. No, that wasn't the main focus of the show, but there's no denying that there are political motivations behind a lot of the shows' subtext and especially in the good vs. evil battles (the Initiative, Wolfram & Hart, the Alliance, etc.).

Of course, that's not the main reason I love it (though it's certainly a factor). I love it because of the characters and the heart and the humor and the dialogue, and my God, I cannot wait until Wednesday.
Dana Chris; I echo the same feelings for the same reason, partly. Albeit I do admit I echo the feelings mostly because of my politcs which always cause me to take such storylines as a personal attack. (X-Men always nauseated me in that way.)

There is one point; in a very real way anythign set back in August of 2004 is by now in many ways a period piece already, so there's a place and motive for Joss to take the story in this direction. Somewhat.
Sure it's political, insofar as anything that deals with the source and use and effects of power is by its nature political, no? "Politics" is really a much broader topic than party politics- which in the US at least, represents a really narrow spectrum of the political.

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