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April 01 2007

Cheney to Join Wolfram & Hart. has a fantastic April Fool's "news story" about Wolfram & Hart's newest CEO.

Nice, Rob, thanks for my best laugh of the day. Well, a laugh, but then followed by one of those sinking feelings, you know the kind I mean...

*snicker, snort*


"Wolfram & Hart and I share a common vision for the future of this planet, and I believe that together, nothing can stop us from achieving our mutual goals."

Oh, Angel, can't you shut him in a room with Darla and Dru?

"ON BIG VILLAINS: '[Vice President] Dick Cheney beats Darkseid and Thanos if they had kids. Cheney is still winning. Thereís a switch on the back that can turn him to good, but no one does it.' " - Joss,
you damned liberals! Dick Cheney is the most patriotic VP ever, and you Whedon-wimps are nothing but appeasers! that's right, you'd have just let the Islamofascist vamps HAVE Sunnydale, wouldn'tcha? "let's just go to the Bronze and party", while vamps that we *could have dusted over there* wind up feeding over here!

happy April Fool's, all! :)
So incredibly fitting. I especially loved the last line.
Bwah ha ha ha ha!

Have the standards dropped?
It is rumored that the senior partners are worried he also has his eye on their hitherto unquestioned positions. Cheney denied these rumors, saying he's more than happy to operate as CEO, and leave them with the illusion that they are running things.

[ edited by toast on 2007-04-02 00:54 ]
Satan v. the Senior Partners. Wotta battle!
I particularly liked the "Most Popular Stories" sidebar: Sunnydale Crater Vigil Enters 1,245th Increasingly Creepy Day

But like all the best April 1st media, it works because it's so damned close to what could happen. Now we know exactly who funded certain election campaigns. And mystically-altered ballots in Florida. Demon chads anyone?
Demon chads!! Love it Gill.
Very amusing- gave me a much needed giggle. Did anyone notice the byline: William T. Bluddhey. Nice. :)
That is a full on site actually, and the whole site is as funny as that one article.

They've got everything from The Office to Veronica to Galactica on there. Fantastic.
And all this time I thought Cheney WAS the Senior Partner.
AHA! I always KNEW he was a member of The Circle Of The Black Thorn!

*Arch Duke Sebassis? Cyrus Vail? I'm thinking Cyrus Vail.*

"Give me your best shot little girl."
bring Marcus Hamilton (with new and improved assistant Caleb) back from the dead, and I'll be willing to forgive Cheney for a few things.

Although I must say: "Islamofascist vamps" and "demon chads...."
I think this thread just became as funny as the article.
Isn't Lilah supposed to be um, completely dead?
Oh, Angel, can't you shut him in a room with Darla and Dru?

I don't know, QuoterGal. Given that his only other option is most likely his 19th major coronary, might that not be a rather pleasant option by his creepy lights? Also, there's the possibility that they might turn him, since he such he's such a bad boy.
Thanks, Rob, that's my favourite April Fool's News story so far !
Made my day!!!
I dunno, dreamlogic, I think Darla and Dru would be fussier than that. They seemed to look for a bit more than just bad.
I was thinking the same thing Vince.
Oh my God, that was absolutely brilliant.

Let's just hope he doesn't go quail hunting. We all know how that ends.
I had been thinking of the possible link between Cheney and WR & H for awhile, and I'm a Republican.
My sides are still aching from the laughing out loud. Hope Wolfram & Hart can lower it's standards to include him as a new addition. Bravo !!!! Way to make my day !
Oh my Bob, mlcmoose! That's just eerie! And a bit creepifying.
toast, you've reassured me.
Hi-larious! Yep, that whole site rocked. Great link, Rob!
Funniest thing I've seen in ages!

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