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April 02 2007

Whedon's plan for Star Wars. There's probably a bit too much Sheldon lately, but I can't help posting this one.

Shelon talks to Whedon about rewriting Star Wars.

Hmmm... this joke is getting tired. Although, wasn't the original plan to kill off Han and then positive preview audience reaction saved him?
There's probably a bit too much Sheldon lately

I think we're Sheldoned out here. Let this be the last one posted here for a while.
Hey, I love Joss. Anything Whedon related should be fair game, yeah? So what if it takes a little jab at him? I think Mr. Whedon would appreciate the joke. If the comic was gushing about Joss, everyone would be all for it. Am I wrong?
WalrusSAS, it's just that this is the third Sheldon link we've had here in the last few days so familiarity sets in rather quickly.

The cartoon is amusing though, which is why I've left the link up.
LOL, "The first thing we'd need to do is kill off Han." That does sound like Joss. And I bet you he can laugh about it himself as well.
Joss, of course, would not kill off Han until late in ROTJ, just after learning that Leia is Luke's sister and therefore Han and Leia can get together. Any earlier than that just wouldn't be right.
Yeah, I agree we're a bit Sheldon-ed out.

But that was pretty funny.
Sheldon was right, though. Joss is an admitted serial character killer. :)
Hilarious! Keep it coming!
Sheldon is getting a bit played.
Peter Jackson: Sure I'll remake Star Wars. We'll have to add an extra hour and also film a bunch of other stuff for the even longer and more boring extended DVD! Oh and we have to throw in a bunch of excessive effects too. Like a giant monkey!
"Peter Jackson" as a punchline was pretty funny. But yeah, the rest not so much.

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