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April 02 2007

(SPOILER) Preview for Runaways #25 (now with extra pages). Joss' first issue comes out this week. So while you wait till you can get a hold of it, cast your eyes over the two new preview pages that have turned up. And there's a very positive review of the issue over at Fractal Matter.

Molly vs. Almost too cool.

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I've read two articles now that suggest Joss' run on Runaways will be six issues long. Is this true? or did the writers mean that he is working on a six-issue story arc?

Also, has anyone heard whether or not Astonishing X-Men will be soldiering on with a new writer?
Hjermsted, yeah, unfortunately it does indeed appear Joss will only be around for six issues on Runaways.

Both Runaways and AXM are planned to continue with new writers. It's been hinted that we, the reader, will be happy with the replacements, but I would just like to know. There's speculation that AXM will be Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch's next project. And I'm starting speculation right here that BKV couldn't stay away from Runaways and is returning after Joss's arc.

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