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"Well, personally? I kinda want to slay the dragon."
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April 02 2007

A is for Angel. B is for Buffy. Joss gives Wizard Entertainment the ABC of his career (spoilerish for Runaways).

A should be for not A frikkin' cliff-hanger IMO. Also

After wrapping Runaways and Astonishing X-Men, Whedon’s probably bowing out of future Marvel projects for the time being.

*cough* Batman *cough*. Thinking about what you could've done with Detectivus* Maximus ? Think no more, get over to the Distinguished Competition and show. Just sayin' s'all ;).

Nice idea for a feature, bit reachy at times but, y'know, there're a lot of letters in the alphabet.

* Not necessarily Latin.
W for Wonder Woman: Whedon was scheduled to direct and write the silver screen adaptation of DC’s Wonder Woman. However, he recently announced his departure from the project, citing creative differences with the studio. Or, as he good-naturedly puts it, “I think the Amazon and I are going to see other people.”

Heh. Funny man. Hope she moved out, then.

(We do the Alphabet-in-the-Jossverse thingy all the time over at the Goners Fan Board. You know, while we wait for Goners. Which is the project that's next up. Not that we're pushy. We're very patient. Well, we're goners.)
G is for Goners!!!
Astonishing #22 hits April 18th? How about we get #21 on May 2nd first, Wizard!

And when I get really, really bored in class, my Whedon-minded mind tends to make alphabetical lists of 'verse characters. There are a lot of As, Bs, Cs, and Ws.
Z is for Zack?! I learned something new! Whedons R talented--I already knew that, of course.
There's totally a drinking game waiting to happen here...
Willow wants her letter back. :P
Well I'll be darned. I never knew Joss was born Joseph. That gives that fellow Joe Sweden a whole lot more cred.
How is X not for Xander? I mean, I like the X-Men and all, but really...
Nothing against Spike, but shouldn't S be for Serenity?
Ooops, Double Post.

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Unlike Willow, Xander doesn't mind.
E-Sharp? That's an F!
S should be for Serenity, Special Edition, and... SEQUEL! :)
And when I get really, really bored in class, my Whedon-minded mind tends to make alphabetical lists of 'verse characters. There are a lot of As, Bs, Cs, and Ws.

that's something new. I gotta try that. Because putting the eps of BtVS in order and considering the millionth time, which ep comes first band candy or homecoming gets boring.
Of course Homecoming comes before Band Candy. Scott Hope breaks up with Buffy in Homecoming so it has to be first. I have trouble near the ends of seasons 2 and 4.

I had no idea about Zack Whedon or even about Joss contributing to the X-men movie.
Why is Yoko factor mentioned? Not so great at all IMO. Couldn't Y stand for Y the Last Man – as in Joss directing a movie based on it.
Or "You're a dick" one of the funnier lines from X-Men one which was apparently Joss' (so was the one about toads and lightning but in fairness, he apparently didn't have Halle Berry's stentorian delivery in mind but a more off-hand, Buffy-ish quippy style).

Not a bad idea though urkonn, I wonder if Joss would break his 'rule' about directing what others have written in the case of a BKV scripted 'Y' ?
S is for SPIKE!!!!! Well...hell yeah. Ok...happy now.
Hee, "The Yoko Factor" was mentioned! I love that episode. Especially when Giles plays "Free As a Bird"...well, let's just say, as I am both a hardcore Joss nut and a hardcore Beatles nut (listening to Abbey Road for the millionth time right now), my head almost explodes every time.
I never knew that Joss was Numfar! I must now commence the 'Dance of Shame' for my ignorance.

[ edited by Noclaf on 2007-04-03 17:22 ]
But Numfar was not his only role on the shows...

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