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April 03 2007

(SPOILER) Preview for Buffy #2. If you didn't already know, this issue is out tomorrow.

Tomorrow is going to be a good day. I'm going to get the Jo Chen cover this time.
I'm so excited! Tomorrow I'm taking a long lunch so that I can drive to my favorite comic shop and get both covers! My plan is to have both covers of every issue. If this issue goes where I think its headed I'm going to be ecstatic!!!
Looks good

I can so see SMG saying that dialog on the last preview page.
Giles! He looks so delightfully Gilesy. The first page immediately made me think of, " Cuppa tea, cuppa tea, almost got shagged, cuppa tea."

On a side note, has anyone come up with a good way to store these? This is the only comic book I buy, so the long boxes would be overkill. I was thinking some sort of binder that could be flipped through? Anyone? Bueller?
Great muppety odin, I am excited!
Giles! So happy to see him so soon :D

And Buffyfantic, I agree with you. I can hear SMG saying the dialogue too.
Giiiles! (Yay!)
I'm really enjoying the "I used to be" introductions for Xander and Giles. It's subtle and brings a smile to my face. It'll be fun to see if it happens for Willow as well.
Simon, I think we might get an entrance full of bad-assed witchery with Willow saying in a caption that she used to be a shy girl. :-)

karosurly, well, comic boxes exist in a size about half as long as the regular ones as well. Still might be a bit overkill, but if Season 8 keeps growing and growing, you might just be able to fill it up.
I LOVE Jo Chen's covers. Can't wait for this!
Issue 1 was just as good as I could of hoped for and I can't wait to get my hands on issue 2.
I'm no expert nor a serious colelctor,Iadmit, but I was just going to buy the palstic magazine rack at Wal-MArt. (hey, I don't earn enough to show solidarity) and use that. It'll take a good while to fill up *grin.
were there alternative covers for the first issue?
There were two I believe. One of Buffy in the jaws of a giant dinosaur and a super exclusive b/w pencilled version of that one. I've noticed people selling the ordinary variant covers on eBay.
Thanks for posting this. One of the guys at my local comic store said he didn't think #2 was coming out this week, which made me doubt my memory. It's nice to know I wasn't advancing the date in my mind. I'm curious to see how well the sales of the next few issues go after #1 sold so well.

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I can use a "splash page" warning.
Wait, what? There were two variant covers for number one! Dammit!
I think there was only one hundred copies of the limited b/w variant cover and they were for retailers only. Or something like that.
Does anyone know when they'll be switching artists? I hope they do it by the time Vaughn starts his run. I understand Joss likes him and I appreciate that he draws women who aren't unrealistically proportioned and everything, but Georges art so far has me feeling sort of let down. It'd be cool if season eight at least looked as good as Fray did.

He doesn't have a very good eye for detail and that one panel with Giles on the balcony on page three of this preview sort of crystallizes my feelings.

If there's one thing I hate in comics, it's an artist who doesn't do faces very well. I hate to say it but it reminds me of the Power Rangers comics I used to read when I was 9.
A very nice lurker informs me:

FYI, the sketch cover of number one was 1,000 copies. 100 retailers each won 10.

They were labeled as "Dark Horse 100 Special Edition", so that's probably confused people.

I'm really looking forward to this. Reminds me how much I miss Buffy and the gang. And Giles. Long shot for a movie but... We've made it happen in the past. There is always a way...
Paul Lee is doing the art for the issue 5 standalone.Then Georges is back for Vaughn's arc.
Y'know how I mentioned in an earlier thread that I had started to regret choosing to wait for the trades after issue one had hit the shelves? Well, after seeing this preview my regret has become regrettier.

No doubt with the third issue I'm going to have mega-regret, then mondo-regret with the release of issue four. Exponentially prefixy from there on. ;)

I still think that I'll enjoy reading the story more in collected trade form rather than the shorter, monthly comics, but the wait is an absolute killer!
Only one more hour and this baby is MINE!!!
I know this sounds like blasphemy, but I am considering starting to wait for the trade paperbacks once Joss's arc is done. So I would continue to buy the first five issues individually and then wait for the rest. I don't know if that will work, but I am not crazy about these tiny snippets of story once a month and the money is a consideration. That said, I really do want to read this. I just hope we get some real content amongst the re-introductions.
I just devoured the second issue. LOVED it, but I have some questions. Anyone out there ready to discuss?
Does anyone know if the variant cover for issue 2 is actually coming out today? I've called 3 different shops and all 3 have said they didn't get it! Has anyone bought it today?
Yep, ChosenGuy317, I got the variant cover today at a shop in addition the Chen cover. I wonder how well issue #2 will sell? Here's hoping the series keeps up or betters the great sales figures of issue #1.

So...what *are* these comic book boxes exactly and where does one get one? How do the books fit inside? Why are the boxes long? How many issues will they hold? I'm such a single issue (rather than TPB) newbie.
Thanks Phlebotinin! Now I just gotta find someone in my area that actually got the variant issue in! Oh gosh, I'm on an adventure.
Well Georges is far from the worst artist out there, but here's hoping they get Karl Moline on the book before they decide to wrap it up.
Just finished reading it and I am quaking with excitement. It blows away the first issue, and the first issue was very good. This is FANTASTIC! I'm raving like the fanboy I pretend I'm not. The dialog, the jokes, the pacing, the artwork, the surprises, the dramatic tension, the final reveal -- I'm dying. And I'm going back to read it again. Now I am officially geeked about this whole thing.
Ok, you convinced me. I am taking my lunch break right now and going to the store to get this and read it. I'll make sure I also go through the want ads while I'm out in the car so I won't feel totally like I am playing hooky.
Yeah, me, too, 1starbuckstown! The layers and levels that Joss has already given us to contemplate. Plus the great artwork (imo) and the awesome, awesome dialogue, characterizations, story, plot, feeling. The whole shebang. It's thrilling.

Good luck on your adventure, ChosenGuy317.
I'm impatiently waiting for my #2 issue to come in the mail. Haven't bought comic books for forever, since long ago childhood, but I'm glad I'm getting these issues as they come out, instead of waiting for trade paperbacks. I mean, I did it because I just can't wait- but they are just, you know, really nice like this- the art looks good this way; they are just nice objects to handle. And it's not like I'm only going to read them once.

I'm kind of browsing for practical storage, and it looks like there are binders with protective individual leaves you can get. They hold like 100 comics each, and so far I can't find them in less than 3 binder groups. Maybe I'll order some leaves and see if I can use them with a regular ring binder or something.
phlebotinin asked: So...what *are* these comic book boxes exactly and where does one get one? How do the books fit inside? Why are the boxes long? How many issues will they hold? I'm such a single issue (rather than TPB) newbie.

Well, there are longboxes and shortboxes. Cardboard boxes prefectly sized to keep your comics safe. If you're only getting Buffy in singles, the shortbox (about 13 inches deep) should be plenty for you. The longboxes are great, but even stacked up, they start filling up your room after a while. :-P

Ask for them at a comic shop and odds are they'll have them. They come flat, though, so prepare to do some folding.

Oh, and by the way? I hate you all for getting your comics a day before Europe. Just so you know.
Ok, I'm happy to report that my adventure was a success! Turns out my favorite comic book store held back not only 2 copies (for myself and a friend) of the regular issue but also 2 copies of the variant version, and he only ordered 10 of the variant! Woo and might I add a Hoo! :o) I can't wait to get home, pour a glass of wine and enjoy!
I have the issue too and loved it.
Wow, this just gets even better, absolutly wonderful. Just. Wow.

LOVED the last page. :D

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