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April 03 2007

Angel Scriptbook Vol 2 out this week. It contains the shooting scripts for "Smile Time", "Not Fade Away", "I Will Remember You", "You're Welcome", "Conviction" and "In The Dark". So in all, tomorrow's a very good day for fans going to their local comic book shop.

Classic episodes the lot of them, I'd be hard pressed to choose my favourite.

Will be picking this up for sure.I really liked the scriptbook series and I'm glad to get some more.
I'll be sure to pick one up. A bunch of great episodes.
This has my all time favorite Angel ep, IWRY. I'll be getting this one too. This is so cool.
I'll also be getting this. A great collection. Reading the shooting scripts for our ME shows is wildly entertaining. I wish all the episodes' shooting scripts were released.

Speaking of which, does anyone know if this is the last of the Angel Scriptbook installments? I've looked around on the intranets for info but have found nothing definitive.
Chris Ryall,over at the IDW boards said that there are no plans for more episodes to get the scriptbook treatment right now.But if this trade does well in sales,they'll probably do more.

No plans for a Vol. 3 at the moment, but if this one does well enough, I'd love to keep 'em coming.
Chris Ryall
IDW Publishing

Remind me please. This is the trade version of the single issues? I've got those.
I love having the script for Not Fade Away. I really hope this sells enough to warrant another release.

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