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April 04 2007

Amber and Ol' One-Eye. Amber Benson is currently filming a "comedy-horror" called ONE-EYED MONSTER, and there are a couple of Jossverse connections.

The film is directed and co-written by Adam Fields, who was the composer for "Some Assembly Required" during S2 of BtVS. Co-starring with Benson is Jeff Denton, who played a vampire in "Lessons" and a bit part in "Sleep Tight" during AtS S3. Also in the cast is Charles Napier (Star Trek: TOS, AUSTIN POWERS: INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MYSTERY, BLUES BROTHERS)

Please let this movie be about the Cyclops and not... erm, family board. ;-)
Reckon it's more likely to be the *expurgated* than Cyclops (Cyclopsisises just aren't as funny).

I'm thinking along 'Doublemeat Palace' monster lines ;).
Well, "it's all fun and games until.."
"...and then it's just fun" :)
i'm totally gonna see this movie. any movie with amber is worth a lookin' at. no matter what the title *wink*
Oh, I thought this was going to be Amber traveling through dimensions and teaming up with post-Caleb Xander to fight, I don't know, crime or evil or slow postal delivery or something.


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Where's the petition asking that Amber wear chainmail in this one? ;)
Hmm, deathismygift, winking could be a serious issue for the one-eyed, cyclops or otherwise. It has some zenmaster-type possibilities: "What is the vision of one eye winking?"- or the like. ;-)
I have visions of Amber giggling and smirking the way she does, having a grand old time whilst using a broadsword to fight off a giant, one-eyed, flesh colored... err, umm... snake.
... of the genus 'Trouser' ;).

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