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April 03 2007

Waitress at Hawaii International Film Festival this month. Whoo-hoo! Guess there are lots of Browncoats in Hawaii after all.

I linked to the filmlisting page because the actual Waitress page has SPOILERS on right side.

Auntie Chris wrote on on Apr 3 2007 6:28P

Holy canneries sitting in a tree! The Hawaii Browncoats are going insane trying to get tickets for 'Waitress' at the Hawaii International Film Festival. We keep telling them tickets aren't up for sale yet, but they won't listen!! It's madness! Madness I tell you! Good golly miss molly, and here I thought I was one of the more loyal Fillion fans in Hawaii. Holy snaps!! There seems to be a million Fillionares on the island. The way things are looking both screening of 'Waitress' will be sold out before the box office even opens.

Hm, posted a comment here & it disappeared, as did an entire topic I'd just finished reading (the psycho reviewers anti-browncoat rant).
So here goes again .... Wrong island for me but I'm glad to see so much interest. Ok, who's making those death threats? :)
Of course there's Browncoats in Hawai'i! I'd be right there with them watching it if I wasn't on the mainland for school. Of course when something like this happens in the islands I'm not there.

But yeah Hawai'i Browncoats!
Cool! I also saw that it's going to be showing at the Sonoma Valley Film Festival on Sunday April 15th.

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