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April 04 2007

(SPOILER) Review of Runaways #25. IGN's very positive review of Joss's first issue of Runaways. There's also a thumbs up over at Newsarama.

I can't wait for my lunch break today, so's I can go pick this up. Between Buffy and Runaways I am overjoyed with Jossy goodness!

I've added Havok's link to your subject line, so we can keep all the reviews together.
I have read Runaways now. It's a little hard to tell, but I think it might be my favorite single issue ever. Joss captures the voice of every one of the characters. It's wonderful. There was one point where I couldn't help but think, "New creative team, but my running pals are exactly how they used to be. As they should be."
Keep up the good work, Joss!
Just read it. It's one of the best issues of Runaways I've seen in years. Even the new artist is doing a great job.

Joss is really the only person aside from BKV who's perfect for this book.
Oh, that (newsarama) article on the history of the title is particularly good. Thanks for the links!

As for the issue, I'm only a little disappointed that we didn't get to see Molly beat up Iron Man (between the end of last issue and this one). And I like Iron Man. I just would love to see Molly beat up all the heroes I love; she'll have the best Rogues' Gallery by the time she's of age. . .
You could tell that it wasn't BKV behind the wheel anymore, but it was still really good. Even the voice of the Kingpin felt spot on. I also loved that he had Xavin changed forms while talking about not hiding, and then had Chase point it out, that was hilarious. I think my favorite part though was the Old Lace save. It felt like watching an episode of Gargoyles... except with dinosaurs.
Just finished reading this issue all of 5 minutes ago. First, Joss writes the best Chase ever. Nearly every snarky comment Chase made had me laughing out loud. All of the other character's voices are spot on as well. I loved Molly's "waffle face" line and her "pick me, pick me!" moment.

I do have a tiny problem with the final page. It felt oddly familiar when I was reading it and then I realized it's almost identical to the scene in Astonishing X-Men #5 when Colossus appears behind Ord. The Runaways are taking the place of Wolverine, Beast and Emma, and Punisher is in the Ord role.
Was I the only one that thought the dialogue was a bit Whedony? Normally they have entirely different cadences and sentence structures, but in some cases it sort of threw me off. Maybe since I'm interpreting it in different voices since the penciller changed? Chase's "and I in no way am a part of that he said that" threw me off until just now, but that's like the ninth time I read that sentence. It doesn't really translate to speech bubble very well without punctuation.

That said, Whedon did give Chase one of his better lines, immediately before one of the coolest moments involving Old Lace ever. Even topping the doughnuts!
I can definitely hear the different voice, I think Chase has taken on a very Jossonian/Xanderesque style he didn't really have before (but which I adore), and I thought this issue really rocked! I love the new artist, he not only captures each character but he gives them really evocative expressions which add to the emotional content, and I really love the story line (compromising their principles for some comfort and security). This is going to be very exciting, I am very invested in these characters so I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for issue #26!
I agree the dialogue is very Jossian/Whedony, but I don't think it results in anyone coming off as out-of-character. From issue one this series has had a Jossian feel, it just got cranked up to 11 when Joss himself started writing the book.

And I agree with you embers, It's definitely most evident in Chase's dialogue; he's gotten wittier, if not exactly smarter.

And orangewaxlion, that one line of Chase's threw me off too. It seemed like it needed a comma or a period in there somewhere. I reread it twice before moving on to the next panel.

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