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April 04 2007

An interview with Alan Tudyk. A great read which covers his new play 'Prelude To A Kiss' and also Dodgeball, Spamalot and Firefly.

Alan seems like a very genuine and good guy. I hope he has continued success.

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Oh, that one's a keeper, thanks! I don't think there's anyone of the Serenifly cast or many actors in general I'd rather read them him. His enthusiasm for what he does is infectious and talks about craft in a way that leaves out the smarmy: "I was there for the classes!" Who says that, let alone leaves, in lieu of doing performing at Juilliard in the fourth year? Not anyone else I've ever read. Can't wait to listen to the audio version this evening.
Usually, as a teacher, I get all grumbly when I hear about folks quitting school. Alan doesn't get my grumble up. What a sweetheart of a fellow, and what a treat to read about someone who so clearly adores and respects what he does!
I met Alan at DragonCon. He is a genuinely nice guy. I can't wait to see Death at a Funeral. I wish he had been available for the Serenity commentaries. His commentary with Nathan Fillion on War Stories remains a favorite.
Nice interview.

I hate to be nitpicky but...

It's the knights who say Ni! Not the knights who say knee.
They USED to be the Knights who say...never mind. ;-)
Well, the knights might be saying Knee because they keep running into the stone hedge. ;-D Doesn't anyone use a copy editor anymore?
Stone hedge? Is that the thing that comes down during the Spinal Tap concert?
Who's staring at what?

Sorry, thought that was a funny typo in the article :).
theonetruebix, it was in danger of being trod upon by the dwarf! :-D
Knee as well as "Comedcon" is great as well. I'm looking for a job, I think they need my services.
I think that it is because someone has done a quick transcription based on the audio. So they spelt it as they heard it.
My sister saw Prelude and thought Alan was great in it.

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