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April 04 2007

TV shows we wish could come back from the dead. Kelly Woo over at TV Squad going through the stages of grief with the realization that there will never be another episode or movie of a certain cowboy space show.

Buffy's listed, too.
Besides the obvious, I'd love to see Wonderfalls come back. There was a marathon showing of the whole season on some cable channel several weeks ago and I was so sad when it was over. I loved that quirky little universe.

  • The Nightstalker (but not the annoying modern version we've already had)

  • Chicago Hope. I know Patinkin is doing well on Criminal Minds, and I like the show but I think he's a little stunted by that particular role. Plus, I really like medical dramas, it had a great cast, and that's probably the best one that came down the pike in a long time, until it jumped the shark where most of the doctors got fired.

  • Picket Fences. Yes, another David E. Kelley show. Talk about a little, quirky universe. Sadly, the main older gentleman are gone now (Walston and Finkel) so I won't be able to see Finkel admonish Peter MacNicol in the courtroom anymore: "Turn around and tell this courtroom, 'I am a toad.'" But it could be populated by a whole new generation.

  • Prey. Damn did I love this one, another short-lived one-season show. Debra Messing (yes, that one) and Adam Storke as a human and super-human lovers to be.

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  • An odd feature. I looks not just at shows that were cancelled too soon, but at long-running shows too, like Murphy Brown, Buffy, and The West Wing. I'm not sure about the other two, but I think the West Wing ended just when it should have.

    I also don't like her certitude that FF is completely dead. I am still not convinced of this, and I think hope is still not unreasonable.
    I also don't like her certitude that FF is completely dead.

    I think the Firefly 'verse is dead. The Serenity one not so much. The future lies with Universal not with Fox.
    I loved Firefly and would dearly love for it to return. Serenity was marvelous, but to me, the richness and depth that I know the Firefly series would have achieved cannot be replaced by an albeit kick-ass two hour movie.

    I have to confess, more than anything, I want Angel (the series) to come back. I'm still gutted about its premature cancellation despite the brilliance of "Not Fade Away."
    Phlebotinin, totally agree about Firefly vs. Serenity love.

    My picks: Firefly. Freaks and Geeks, only it couldn't 'cos all the actors have growed up and are busy being engaged in HIMYM and other things. Wonderfalls, Wonderfalls, Wonderfalls (okay that's one show repeated 3 times) but dear muppety odin how I'd like to see more episodes of that. The Defenders, the original series with E.G. Marshall. Of course it's impossible, but as long as we're fantasizing...
    Buffybuffybuffy. After that, Wonderfalls, Dead Like Me, Firefly, Angel, and the original Star Trek. With the original actors, scattered in space as one might be.
    Deadwood, Firefly, Wonderfalls and oh, what phlebotinin said. I so terribly miss my dead vampire TV show.
    Angel, Firefly, Wonderfalls, Freaks and Geeks, Arrested Development, Max Headroom, Northern Exposure, My So-Called Life (if Claire Danes had wanted to continue), Huff, The Comeback, and probably Studio 60 and Veronica Mars.

    Life on Mars is gonna be over, right? Then I'd like it back, as well. And Trio Network, please. Thanks.
    Other than the obvious Angel and Firefly options I would have to go with Brimstone, Carnivale and Earth 2 as the shows that I would bring back to televisual life if I could. All three ended far too soon, most especially Carnivale.

    QuoterGal - "...and probably Studio 60 and Veronica Mars."

    And also Supernatural if the CW do the unthinkable and don't renew this excellent series.
    But Buffy wasn't cancelled, was it??? So why is it on the list?

    Missing from the list:

    Dead Like Me
    Rome (not really cancelled either but I want more)
    I recall that Fox would not produce any additional episodes/seasons without SMG's involvement... Therefore, when SMG quit Buffy was cancelled. Faulty reasoning?
    Amazing how we think the same within this room:

    Angel: This one still hurts me the most. Still can't figure out what the WB was thinking. Were they insane?

    Dead Like Me: For once, SHOWTIME finally airs a series worth its grain of salt. 'Course, they had to kill it right away. I miss George's snark.

    Deadwood: Those #@&*$*% at HBO!! This series was so bad, it was soooo good. If I had a rocket launcher.....

    Firefly: Another heartbreaker. FOX network, need I say more?

    Wonderfalls: I'll tone down a bit, 'cause I want to see Tim get his day. He has it coming. I'm thinking 'Drive' will have the spin the networks require.

    I'll close with a wish towards Tim. Good luck, my friend.
    I totally admit to liking Prey too TonyaJ. :)
    And I completely agree with the Firefly lovers, it's top on my list. Serenity was beautiful and I would take more in a second, but there's just something about Firefly - it feels like coming home to me. As for the stages of grief, I've been there- except for the grudging acceptance part. I much prefer to live in my own private fantasy land where there's always a chance Firefly will come back someday. Sigh.
    Deadwood and Wonderfalls are high on my list as well. I also lurrrvved Keen Eddie. Angel and Buffy will always be included of course. And I fear Veronica Mars will be joining the ranks soon too. Well this has been sad...
    Deadwood (duh, right?)

    Love Monkey

    Kindred, The Embraced (always wanted to see where this would have went. Elite Vampires ruling over the different "clans", integrating, though secretly, with humans. It could've been awesome in the hands of someone NOT Spelling.).

    Beauty & The Beast - revisited with the original actors - aging and all - this would be so schweet (and what's Linda Hamilton doing now anyways?).

    Spaced. I must have more Tim and Daisy (Thanks a LOT, SNT!).

    Did I already list Deadwood? ;)
    I was shocked to not find The Inside in the comments at the link or here. That show had so much promise. Am I the only one who watched it?
    Ah, good catch! I was just getting into the show when it was cancelled. I don't always have all my marbles when I'm posting from work. you are MY best friend. I adore Vincent and Catherine.
    Another one for me is Thirty Something and Twin Peaks.
    I wasn't going to log in today but I wanna join cheryl in a big shout for Twin Peaks! There are some rumblings that Kyle McL and Mark Frost want to make some DVD movies of the further adventures of Dale Cooper. I wish they would even if David Lynch doesn't want to be part of it. Mark Frost was as responsible for the TP world as Lynch so I think it could work.
    Buffy and Angel, obviously delusional dreams. But they're *my* delusional dreams, damn it. Firefly, also no doubt a dream but maybe not quite as delusional.

    Carnivale .... HBO really dropped the ball on this one.

    Have to agree with Quoter Gal about "soon, Studio 60" *sob*. Aron Sorkin has the second wittiest sensibility to ever grace a long running TV series.

    I guess 6 Ft. Under ended at just the right time, but I still miss it.

    I also still miss Babylon5 although I so loved the way it ended. And no G'kar/no B5. RIP Andres Katsules (sp).
    cheryl, yes! And ESG is in on the B&tB love with us too. Did you know the first season recently came out on dvd?

    Also loved 30 Something - though I couldn't stand Hope.

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