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April 04 2007

Tony Head poll on Live Journal. Tony Head is the featured actor today over at Live Journal's 'thedailyactor' community!

Tony will always receive a 10+ in my book. Wonderful actor and a person. I'm hoping another gig will come up that he'll accept another play under Joss' writing and directing. Yeah, I can have my dreams.
Tony Head does seem to be getting the love he deserves, I couldn't think of one bad performance and I noticed that most of the people posting couldn't either. He was only in 'Scoop' briefly, but he actually did some funny things with the sucking up to the upper classes and then back peddling when he realized who he had to arrest. I'm really excited to be seeing him in 'Persuasion' (one of my favorite books), he is perfectly cast as Sir Elliot.

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