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July 27 2002

Are you ready? To take a Chance?

This independent film Chance was produced, directed, and it stars Amber Benson (Tara) with James Marsters (Spike) in the co-pilot seat. A dark romantic comedy about looking for love in all the wrong places. It's in post production. The cinematographer was Patrice Lucien Cochet and if you go to his site and click on his 2002 Demo, you'll get a sneak glimpse at what Amber's dream's gonna look like. Watch for Marster's putting on lipstick (what's that about?) and see Amber Benson at her most radiant yet. DAMN but she's a cutie!

Okay, so Whedon's name's not anywhere on the credits and what am I doing linking it here if he's not, but I'm sure Whedon must have encouraged her efforts in some way so that's enough.

Who said there's no life after Tara? Hmph! =)

Good link. Posts about actors' and crew's work outside of the JossVerse are encouraged.
Yeah I know. I read that in the About FAQ thingy. I was just being facetious. =)

A bit more info. Actually she filmed this over a year ago, and Benson has been fighting to recoup both production and post production costs. They had an auction & a fundraiser. Overall it's cost about $150K to produce, which is only three or four times how much it cost Haxan films to make "The Blair Witch Project" and WAY under what it costs to make mainstream films in Hollywood.

She's doing it digitally, which is the only way to go for independent filmmakers nowadays, and back in April she was down to editing. Hopefully it's "in the can" by now, but so far as I can tell she still hasn't found a distributor, which is what's keeping you and me from being able to see it. =(

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