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April 04 2007

(SPOILER) Danny Boyle praises Joss in this interview about his new sci-fi film 'Sunshine'.

The Alex who gets mentioned is Alex Garland in case anyone was wondering.

Relevant Wikipedia entry.

It's always nice to hear other film-makers praise Joss.
Funny. After watching four different trailers for the film last night, I spent today thinking about “Sunshine” and I briefly wondered whether Joss was an influence for any elements. The movie looks amazing and I’ve read a great review of it. However, I worry that the trailers were a bit spoilerish regarding which characters die.
Oh cool, I really liked 28 Days Later and Millions. Well I guess liked doesn't really cover it. I saw 28 Days Later twice in the theater, and probably 10-20 more times on DVD. And I've seen Millions about 3 times.

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The guy who wrote that fourth one, Joss Whedon, is an Alex-type of guy – very imaginative, a wonderful cinematic writer.

Preaching to the choir, Danny. That said, I am hyped to see Sunshine. I've been hearing a lot about it lately.
Sunshine I go see on Friday. I'm hyped.

Danny's one of a good batch of UK directors recently who've mentioned Joss Whedon in interviews. I don't think they're name dropping -- looking at their work, it's an obvious influence. (I think the guy who did The Descent is in the same basket. That writer/director is currently filming a sci-fi post apocolyptic fantasy horror film with The Descent cast/crew which I couldn't be looking forward to more).
This thread's ambiguous title gave me pause.
Trainspotting was genius and Shallow Grave is pretty darn good. Liked 28 Days quite a bit. Boyle's pretty talented and his comments make me wanna read the version of Alien 4 Joss originally wrote, because the finished product was a stinking turd.
The guy who did The Descent, ( and Dog Soldiers ) Neil Marshall, was a guest on Film 2005/6 when Serenity was announced as film of the year, and he looked distinctly unimpressed at that announcement, and hadn't even seen it, so I highly doubt he's namechecked Joss in a positive way. I could be wrong though!
I remember that. Jonathan Ross announced Serenity as the film of the year and the guests said they'd never seen it and they moved quickly on.

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