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April 04 2007

Dark Horse Buffy contest winner announced. Dark Horse posts the winning "How Buffy Changed My Life" essay on their MySpace blog.

It's a very moving story and really shows how the fictional 'verses we love can have a dramatic impact on the quality of someone's life.

I am choking back tears at work. Bless Robin's husband. She's got a good'un there for sure.

ETA: I have to put in here that yes, of course, Joss' ways are infinite and wise. And good-hearted.

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What a moving story! Joss is wonderful for choosing this person. What a good heart.
I can't stand it, I really can't. How my troubles seem to pale in comparison.

I am so glad that Robin will get to see herself in the Buffy world, and so happy that their story inspired our Jossir to expand her role.

Crying a bit, now.

(Congrats to the runners-up, as well. And good on Rachel at Dark Horse, who must have had a hand in choosing this from the slush pile...)

(Edited because people tend to like their names spelled correctly...)

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That is an amazingly touching story...I'm tearing up right now...
I can't imagine a more deserving winner.
That's such a sweet story. :)
I don't usually go to Whedonesque while I'm at work, as I find it so addictive, but for some reason I just brought it up, looked at this story and am now sitting in my office wiping my eyes.

What a terrific story of struggle and courage for both Robin and her husband and what a deserving winner of the contest.

Of course Joss would pick that one and even find a story line for her.

Congratulations to all who wrote in, especially the winners and runners-up. I'm looking forward to issue #10 already, Of course we have today's issue to read first!
Things like these always make me wonder, "Yeah, but is it even true?" I know, I'm a skeptic by nature.
My husband and I had already discussed how we assumed the contest would be won by someone with a story about a physical or mental debilitation, because those are the ones that tend to tug at the heart strings. So, not at all surprised by this.
Well deserved win if it's a true story. Well played if it's not.
My sister was schizophrenic, and ended up taking her own life many years ago, but there were things (Star Trek and sci-fi novels were the best) that really made a huge difference in her life. I always thought she would have held on longer, and not given up so soon, if she had known the wonderful things coming in the future that she missed out on (she would have loved Spike & Dru!).
Rogue Slayer, the writer in question appears to be an author of a book called The Oak Clan. Google it. You'll notice on his website he refers not only to his own similar situation but, indeed, being married to "a very devoted woman who happens to be bipolar manic depressive schizophrenic".

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i'm sorry to hear that about your sister. she and i would have gotten along famously. i'm a HUGE spike & dru fan!
I'm already imagining Giles seeking out an illusive Robin to help unravel a crucial mystery in a time of crisis, because she sees and knows things our "well" minds can't understand...

Peace, Balzers. And congratulations.
The spirit of the sainted, Dru-lovin', River-likin', Buffy-figurine-on-her-desk-at-work-keepin' Mrs. Pointy gives this choice a big ol' hug.

(Edited because I can't remember whether she loved or liked River. Didn't have much time to warm up to her, Fox! But I love River, cuz she reminds me of the missus, a strong woman [character] with a mental illness.)

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Touching story. Well deserved, and will be interesting to read...

...far, far in the future. My issue one hasn't even arrived yet.
Rogue Slayer, the writer in question appears to be an author of a book called The Oak Clan. Google it. You'll notice on his website he refers not only to his own similar situation but, indeed, being married to "a very devoted woman who happens to be bipolar manic depressive schizophrenic".

It's probably true then. So good for them on the win. Very interested to see how Joss will write a nonfiction character into his world.

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Pointy, I thought of Mrs. Pointy as soon as I read this.
Here's to her spirit's most probable sympathy for this new character.)

(Ah, embers, I'm sorry. My sisters mean the world to me...)
Thats is the perfect winning entry.Is issue ten going to be a standalone?
Pointy & embers -- here's hoping that issue #10 feels like a personal tribute in your homes, too. I have no doubt that Joss will bring dignity and grace (and humor and heroism?) to a situation so few of us can really understand. Much like our Sunnydale (& Scotland) friends, you've lived in a world beyond our knowing. Peace, too, to you both.
:( Reminds me of a friend's mom I knew in high school who was (is) schizophrenic. She really connected with tv drama unlike anything else. Good choice.
That is a lovely entry. Simple, heartfelt and, thankfully it would seem, true. Feeling kinda species proud of the winner's husband right now.

And to Pointy, embers and others who've struggled with this kind of thing, at one remove or otherwise, good vibes and my respectful admiration.
Robin's husband- man, they don't come any better. Maybe he will be in the comic, too.
Wow. A perfect, perfect choice. Pain, struggle, love, hope, heroism.
I hope you (embers & Pointy & others) feel represented. I will certainly be thinking of you when I read #10.
I have no words. Seriously, I've started 3 separate posts, and just - thank you Joss for doing this. This is going to be wonderful.
I agree. A worthy winner. I actually didn't enter the competition even though I would have loved to have won, because I simply knew I wouldn't and there is no way I could express articulately exactly how and to what extent I appreciate the show. But reading about the winner has made me question how important it is to me. And whilst I still love Buffy, I think that the winner is someone who probably does deserve it more and has experienced more through it. So I'm glad that someone who really appreciates it has won.

Also, I think some of the comments that people have left on the MySpace page (I'll be brief here because I don't think the mods like us commenting on another page's comments but I felt this warranted a mention), although perhaps it's only to be expected from those who are jealous and cynical.
I get the sense that this will not be a one-episode appearance, and the character will have an important role to play. I cannot wait to see how it goes, and I cannot appreciate any greater how appropriate a choice this was.
I agree that it is a nice tribute to all those whom BtVS has helped when dealing with some form of this illness. I also thought of Mrs. Pointy when reading this and was very sorry to hear about your sister as well, embers.

Joss has certainly given himself a challenge in trying to do justice to this particular fan, and by extension this group of similar fans, but it is a worthwhile challenge.
That's cool. I know from experience that sometimes the hardest things you can face in life are also the greatest tests of character we can overcome.

And I also know from experiences within my own family that quite often it's only the strongest people among us who are faced with trials like Robin's. I hope this is something that will help her as she continues along her own inner path, and that someday she'll emerge as an even stronger person for it.
Thanks, QuoterGal.

This was actually one of "my" finalists; when I read the letter, I very nearly burst into tears at my desk. I've known enough people with schizophrenia and BPD--both of which run in my family, and both of which I've been lucky enough to avoid thus far--that Robin's story rang really true to me.

While the story itself was touching, I was even more moved by the fact that Robin's partner was the one who found the contest and wrote in on her behalf. It's really, really hard to live with a loved one in that state, and I'm impressed and overwhelmed by the depth of the thoughtfulness and love in his letter.

A bunch of people have asked whether we'll be posting the runners-up. As far as I know, the answer is "yes," as soon as all of them have given us official permission to do so. Stay tuned.
That was an amazing story- I really hope Robin's husband appears as well, what a wonderful thing to do. Can't wait for issue ten, I suspect there might be teary eyes. :)
Thank you, Rachel, for answering my question before I posted it! (re: reading runner-up entries)
That's amazing. Congratulations to Robin; what an awesome story. And to those who chose the winner, good job picking out one where this will truly mean something to. I'm sure other people had deserving stories, but this seems like a great pick.
The perfect choice. I'm looking forward to her character's addition to the 'verse. It looks like Joss may have something more than a brief appearance in store.
Ish #10 will be very cool.

(And so are you guys :-)
I love that Joss actually sees how she will fit in to the story, and not just be a cameo...I am so freaking excited for the rest of these issues.

But issue 2 sold out before I got it! Boo. Are more being printed? What's the deal?
Very touching letter and a great choice by Joss.

Embers and Pointy, heartfelt sympathy to you.
I found Jerrod's MySpace profile, and he has posted his blog about Robin and his reactions to winning the contest. The blog is set to public, so I feel pretty comfortable about posting this link.

And I'll say no more, but let Jerrod speak for himself and Robin, as he can more than ably do.
Ah, there I go with the waterworks again.
Thanks for that link, QuoterGal. What an amazing man!

And I too thought of Mrs. Pointy when I read the entry.
congrats to Robin & Jerrod! this is a wonderful choice ! seems like it was meant to be, based on Joss' feeling as tho' Robin's character had been "waiting" there all this time. it's also heart wrenching and has me in tears, reminded of my own beloved aunt Jane's life long struggle with schizophrenia.
What a wonderful choice. I hope it brings some solace to both Robin and her husband. And to Pointy and embers, as well. A true superhero, the husband. Family experience here, makes it difficult to even post.
I have an idea about wanting to see essays that were submitted, in an anonymous way of course, unless the authors don't mind us knowing who they were. It looks like Dark Horse is going to include the runners-up in the issue #10 but that's a long time to wait. If there's a way to set up a posting place dedicated to the Essay contest where the entries that weren't chosen can be left anonymously, no annoying registering or need to have a posting name, can someone let us know? I'd do it, but I don't know how. I'm sure we could get the word out that Buffy fans are interested in knowing how the 'verse helped changed people's lives for the better. And you could add your own story, after the fact as well. Just a thought.
Hurray for Robin being at home. Hospitals, the late great missus noted, suck. Mental illness has a huge emotional factor, and being under the same roof with a loved one feels a lot better than being in even a good hospital, to type the obvious. (And hurray for Jerrod for helping make staying at home possible.)

And remember, Robin, the beauty that is you brings joy to Jerrod. Even if you don't always see it, he does, and that's the most important part of his life. So just by being, you're bringing the happy. Pretty amazing.
Jerrod and Robin, you are inspirational. Shakespeare said it best:
... Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds,
Or bends with the remover to remove.
O no, it is an ever fixed marked,
That looks on tempests and is never shaken;
(From Sonnet 116.)

I hope your prize brings you both much joy.

Embers, Pointy, Shey and others reading affected by this, my sympathies to you. As others have said above, I hope issue 10 of the comic is special for you too.

(And as it seems the most appropriate place to say so: Thank you Pointy for your posts about your late wife in last year's thread that time forgot. I may not have been a member of Whedonesque then, but I was reading and I learnt a lot. I realised the way my partner choses to live with her mental health problems, whilst it may be my deep and heartfelt concern, it is not my responsibility, and that took away a whole layer of fear. Our reltionship is the stronger and happier for it, so thank you.)

Perhaps it's unnecessary to say, but as this began with a competition to write about 'How Buffy changed my life', I think Joss and all those involved in the show have much to be proud of when they see just how great an impact the show has in so many people's lives.

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