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April 04 2007

Keep the Fringe Flyin drive resulted in $3400 donated to Fringe Theatre Adventures. From the website "This drive is a reflection of our shared appreciation and admiration of Nathan Fillion and his work, of the Edmonton community, and of the nurturing environment the Fringe Theatre provides for artists and audiences alike. We are especially honored to present this donation on behalf of Nathan Fillion's fans in celebration of his birthday!"

I really LOVE my fandom!

Birthdays feel private to me, and I always imagined it would be an odd thing to be in the public eye and receive personal greeting and even more personal gifts from people in the business trying to curry favor, or people you don't know, but who think they know you. Not bad, just... weird. This, on the other hand, seems to be a lovely way to celebrate the work of someone you admire: by supporting something that matters to them. Well done, ladies.
Good work from all the Browncoats! what a superb birthday present for Nathan.
It should be noted, I don't think Nathan Fillion was invovled in any way in this. I am not sure if he is even aware of this. And even if he hasn't, its nice to see good work done!(I have to say I love the name good works presents)
Thanks for the compliment, barest_smidgen. We at Good Works had similar feelings about the pitfalls of gift-giving in these kinds of circumstances, and wanted to find a way to express our appreciation and do something constructive beyond the confines of the fandom. This drive was intended to be a celebration of Nathan's work, rather than simply a gift. While researching potential causes to support, FTA stood out for its contributions to the local community, as well as to the larger artistic community. The drive quickly became as much about raising funds for and awareness of their work, as about Nathan himself!
Hey, folks...just to clarify- the $3,400 is an estimated amount, because we've not yet received the final tally from FTA.
The total raised just through the most recent raffle was $1039.00!
We'll also be announcing the winners of the raffle today!

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