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April 05 2007

TV Guide interview with The Office's Rashida Jones. There's a short mention of an interaction she had with Joss during the filming of "Business School."

New 45-minute episode tonight, hooray!

Is that the same Rocky Horror anniversary thing where ASH and Amber Benson performed?
Interesting interview. Daughter of Quincy Jones and Peggy Lipton. Who knew?
I like her. She took a character I was ready to hate and made her sympathetic and likable.
I will miss her if she leaves the show.
I agree with ya Xane, she makes Karen likable.
So has anyone found her on YouTube to humilate her?

I love her though, even Karen to a pretty strong degree even if sometimes it waivers. It's sort if interesting to see that in Joss' Office episode the point was that she had the opportunity to rip the flyer down and didn't rather than how she tried in the first place.

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