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April 05 2007

The Bronze is the #3 greatest TV drinkery! Caritas from Angel also makes TV Squad's list at #8.

How did I know Cheers would be #1? I'm not really a lounge person or the right age for The Bronze, but that's my pick for best name/best hangout. Cafe Nervosa from Frazier would be higher up for my Seattle years. I love logophilia so these names are a lot of fun for me.
Even Willy's and the Espresso Pump get honorable mentions. Guy's clearly a longtime fan of the Whedonverse.
Lol, great article, if a little biased to genre shows.

This makes me think, why hasn't anyone ever tried to open any recreation of these somewhere (aside from cheers). I'm sure a "Ten-Forward" in downtown L.A. would be mega-profitable, or a "Moe's Tavern" for that matter.
I'm sure those names are trademarked and that it would cost a fortune to use those names for actual businesses. Too bad, though. I'd totally hang at the Bronze if it were a real "club".
The Bronze is exactly the kind of place I like to hang out. Alcohol, pool table and loud rock bands as often as possible.

My kinda night.
haha, 1-4 was so easy to guess... though I would have imagined for the typical person, Moe's would rank higher.
That's a really good list. Phil's from Murphy Brown is the only one missing I can think of, and I would have put Rosie's Bar from MASH on the list proper instead of Honourable Mention (unless we're talking about places you'd actually like to visit, in which case maybe not).

The next list, TV eateries, should be fun too. I predict Krusty Burger at #1, although Arnold's Drive-In (Happy Days), the Soup Nazi's place (Seinfeld), Hungry Heffer (Cheers), and the Brick (Northern Exposure) should rate highly as well.

And from the Whedonverse, there is of course the Doublemeat Palace. Yum. Be honest now, who here has not at some point wanted to try a Doublemeat Medley?
AlanD;Hey, when BurgerKing had their chicken Whoppers Iw ent in and ordered a doublemat Whopper with one chicken and one beef and, well tasty as ii was it didn't match the pure experience of flavored textured vegetable protein.
There was a smokey little basement pub/bar in around the corner from my apartment in the Back Bay area of Boston - the Bull & Finch - in which I spent some fun-filled raucus nights in my twenties. It apparently inspired the Cheers bar, and the TV bar set looked very much like it.

Later, they changed its name to "Cheers" and opened another one in Faneuil Hall.

Naturally, it was way cooler when it was the Bull & Finch. Trust me. It had nooks and crannies in the back room...
Okay, QG, now you have to fess up. What really does go on in pub's nooks and crannies. Hmmm?
I'm was glad to see the inclusion of the Bada Bing. I'm so anxious for The Sopranos' return on Sunday! The Bing's definitely not a place I'd want to hang out in though. Central Perk would be my top choice, since it would include Phoebe's musical performances. :)
Also great to Ricky Ricardo's nightclub get a mention - but the writer hasn't seen many episodes of "I Love Lucy"? :(
Ah yes, who can forget "Smelly cat, smel-ly cat. What are they feeding you?"
It was nice to see The Bronze listed as the #3 greatest TV drinkery. I own the prop sign (The Bronze) that was used in filming for the show, and it hangs proudly above my television on my living room wall.

At this moment I'm sipping an excellent 25yo scotch in honor of the Whedonverse.

Ah, Night Gallery, you're so lucky to have that sign!! ::Green::

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