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April 05 2007

(SPOILER) The Making of Buffy Season 8 #3. On Dark Horse's website, there is a Making Of for #3. Script, Pencils, Inks, Coloring, Lettering, and HEY! 6 pages of #3 out already! Flash Required (if it doesn't appear, right click on the image and then click play).

Also, it doesn't look like the first 6 pages as Dark Horse put it on their Myspace Bulletin, the script pages are all different so it skips around quite a bit.

Unfortch, I can't get this to work on my MBP using Safari or Firefox, or on my PC using Firefox or Exploder. I even verified that I have the latest version of Flash installed.

Karosurly, I had to right click on the blank image and then click play for it to work. I don't know if that'll help you.
OH! OH OH! Looks good, people, looks very, very good. I can't wait for the first Wednesday of next month. Has anyone else noticed the unbelievable Joss overload we're about to experience? Astonishing, Runaways, and Buffy all on the same day! I won't even know which to read first.
This is really cool. My untrained eye would have missed so many details in the artwork if I hadn't read the scripts first. Are there any other pages of script available for issues 1 and 2?

Also, it was neat to see how much the coloring brought the pages to life. Sometimes I couldn't even tell what was happening in a panel, even when it was inked, until the color was added.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, WindTheFrog! That did the trick. And ZOMG, how flippin' awesome was that?!?! I hope Dark Horse does more of these because seeing the process from script to final product was so super sweet. I've totally got ComicBookGirlWood now.
And a thanks from me too, I've added WindTheFrog's tip to the subject line.
(* SPOILER * SPOILER * SPOILER * Warning... Danger, Will Robinson...)

I love Joss' note to Georges for Preview Page 6 (comic - page 15) panel 5:

"The girls playing poker with him are all in various states of undress, clothes piled beside them. One girl is unhooking her bra. This is a bit of a tightrope, George: it's gotta be sexy, Xander's wildest dream, but not completely exploitive. Make sure the girls look like girls and not all playboy models, and that nothing undarkhorsable is showing."

He so gets the tightrope! (And so does Georges.) It's a significant tightrope, I think. Not puritan, allowing for beaucoup sexy, just not exploitive! Who's the man!!!

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I hate how Joss is destroying the character of Andrew, ever since the first issue. Almost makes me feel bad for taking this nickname :-(
Love, love, love reading the scripts first, then seeing everything added, bit by bit. So good.
I liked these too. Very interesting.

I don't see that Joss is destroying Andrew. Andrew seems pretty much in character, especially if he did not have any mature supervision for a while. I always liked Buffy's description of him as like a mushroom...though tofu might have been more accurate. ;-)
omigod--"Ladies and other ladies--the indescribable Rosenberg!"

that's BEAUTIFUL. Xander's pride in his best friend is so XANDER. (and a perfect one-frame cutaway.)

and Storyteller...I'm actually loving Andrew in this, so far, although not so much the rendering of him. (although seeing the pencils makes me think that the problem lies in the kinda-weak inks.) but his Andrewness seems to me to be, if anything, even better than it was in the screen version. he actually seems to be evolving as a baby-Watcher, insofar as he's not ALL Star Wars now, instead using it effectively as a teaching tool.
I thought Andrew should look thinner and blonder, but I thought his dialog has been spot on (and I loved that he is bored stiff). I shouldn't read these, but I can't help myself: and it is a pleasure to get to see the script, then the drawings, then the ink, then the color added, and finally the words (I love each and every layer).
That's my boy doing the tracing... er, I mean inking. ;)

Go Andy!
When I posted earlier I meant to comment on the bugs -- this is, by my count anyway, the fourth time we've had bugs crawling under the skin/into the body on Buffy, no? Twice with Spike and twice with Willow. It's a trend, by golly!
This was cool, but... since when are Willow's eyes blue? :)
I've never seen the comic creation process like this. It was very interesting. Enjoyed seeing the artistic steps involved. Gives you a much better appreciation of the final product.
It does indeed. I'd love to see Dark Horse do this for all the issues. Maybe release the "Making of Buffy" as a companion piece to the Buffy season 8 trade paperbacks.
That is extremely neat. :)
Good stuff. How fun to see how each layer brings us step by step closer to the final panels. And Andrew feels pretty spot on to me.

"Ladies and other ladies--the indescribable Rosenberg!"
Oh yeah, that's a beauty.

And GJ's rendition of Giles is looking better and better.
Good catch swanjun. Willow's eyes are GREEN. It was Tara's eyes which were BLUE.

Of course, maybe Willow changed her eye color in memory of Tara? Hmmm. I think Kennedy might have something to say about that.

Or maybe the brilliant artist Georges just screwed up and nobody caught it?
Well, I love the Giles/Ripper moment of him cleaning his glasses. Very nice!

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