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April 05 2007

Dark Horse info for July. As we learned in Buffy issue 2's letters page, it's an off-month for Season Eight. But there's Buffy Omnibus vol.2 coming out as well as a very exciting Serenity item.

I must be missing one of the two items, because I only see two views of a single item.
I agree with Bix. Perhaps you misinterpreted the two sides of the (VERY Shiny!) Lunchbox for Two items? In any case... I want one. Badly. :)
Such lunchboxes would make very good charity screenings raffle swag.

(That's a hint to Dark Horse if you're reading this, you know? If you're worried about shipping, Portland is right there next door to you....)

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Seriously. People have to buy this lunchbox and then take pics of themselves with it at school/uni/work. That lunchbox is the greatest thing ever.
Lunchbox is amazing. I have the fruity oaty bar jingle as my ringtone. One day I hope someone recognises it....

The Buffy cover is crazy awesome as well!
Squeeeee! Serenity Lunchbox! I didn't even know I needed a lunchbox.
Oh, my. Must.Have.Lunchbox. How is it that a lunchbox can be so beguiling, so desirable, so impractical!
Looks like the Omnibus vol.2 consists of A Stake to the Heart, The Dust Waltz, Spike & Dru: The Queen of Hearts, Ring of Fire, and... something written by Andi Watson and something drawn by Luke Ross? I think Luke Ross only drew 'MacGuffins,' but the writer of that story isn't listed--and neither is the artist for Andi Watson's first few issues. Hm, complicated stuff. :-)
So totally shiny. Hope this makes its way to Australian shores.
Very shiny. Did anyone else like how they misspelled "Whedon"? And Jona -- ringtone -- how/where/awesome.
I hope Dark Horse is not going to make a limited edition "only" Serenity lunchbox. Hopefully, like the Serenity ornament, they will just keep making more...

For the new Browncoats that are going to want it.
What, you don't want a Reaverized lunchbox?
I bought the ornament and love it (though its position of display will be replaced if they ever make a larger and/or nicer high-quality Serenity model or statue or whatever). I might just get this too. Trying to decide if I'd ever use it...Hmm. At the very least, I can put loose stuff in my room in it and it'd probably get a spot somewhere to be seen too instead of just ending up in a closet.

Also gotthe Serenity lighter last year when we were able to pre-order it the same month as the ornament. Nice, but kinda useless since I don't smoke and have yet to bring it to my bartending job in case others need a light.

I think the only non-book/comic Firefly/Serenity merchanise I haven't touched are the action figures (need work), the Serenity binder ('cause I've got a Firefly one to house the free Serenity cards from the official movie site), and the Firefly cards. Can't remember what else is out there.
Hmmm. My lunch could use a little more shininess...

Is it just me or do the fruity oaty bars look less and less edible every time you see them? I didn't remember them being so crazy-colorful before, but then again I was distracted by the imminent action scene.
Dude. I need that. Need. My obsession must be fed...and what better way to do that than with a lunchbox?! Which is capable of housing actual stuff that can be fed?!

...Though, duh, I'd never actually use it. That would be blasphemy.
I am definitely getting that lunch box, and I will use it *proudly* in public (it wouldn't be the silliest thing I've done in public).
Oh my,that lunch box is beguiling. I think I must add that to my collection! :)
theonetruebix | April 06, 18:12 CET
What, you don't want a Reaverized lunchbox?

Hmmm. Limited edition Variant versions okay. Just keep at least one version always in production.
Kris | April 06, 18:21 CET
I bought the ornament and love it (though its position of display will be replaced if they ever make a larger and/or nicer high-quality Serenity model or statue or whatever).

How about a 20-inch Serenity Replica with lights and spinning engine (If structurally possible) ring thingee? Limited edition signed by Nathan Fillion. Limited edition signed by whole cast.

QMX is still designing the Serenity replica. You can buy the Serenity Blueprints soon. And preorder Mal's gun replica.
Kris | April 06, 18:21 CET
Can't remember what else is out there.

Maybe this will jog your memory:

Official Serenity/Firefly Merchandise
Need more Serenity/Firefly stuff check out

Serenity Dvd-Widescreen
Serenity Dvd-Fullscreen
Serenity VHS-Fullscreen
Serenity UMD Video for PSP (Handheld Sony PSP Game Player)
Serenity HD-DVD

Serentiy Special Edition (July 2007)

Firefly the TV show: Firefly the Complete Series DVD box set

Serenity by Keith R.A. DeCandido (novel based on the motion picture screenplay)
Serenity the Official Visual Companion
Serenity Role Playing Game -book not just for RPGers-
Serenity: Out in the Black by Tracy & Laura Hickman New RPG
Serenity: Those Left Behind the Graphic Novel
Serenity: Better Days Comic Books (2007)
Firefly the Official Companion Volume 1
Firefly the Official Companion Volume 2 (May 2007)

Serenity soundtrack CD music by David Newman
Firefly soundtrack CD music by Greg Edmonson Theme by Joss Whedon

Music Score: Firefly: Music from the Original Television Soundtrack (Paperback)

Serenity Action Figures

Trading Cards: Serenity
3-ring binders: Serenity

Serenity Movie Poster
Serenity Crew Poster

Officially Licensed Universal Serenity Artwork prints:
from Jason Palmer

From Dark Horse
Serenity Zippo Lighter
Serenity Ornament
Serenity Serenity in Disguise variant Ornament
New Serenity PVC figures
Serenity Lunchbox

River Triumphant statue from Diamond Select Toys

From QMX
Replica of Mal's gun.
Cash replica set.
Model Serenity with lights and spinning engine thing (2007)

Real Serenity props from the PropStore of London

Serenity film cell presentations from RyeByPost

SERENITY - Swords from Museum Replicas

Official Universal Serenity t-shirts, tees and hoodies
And Official Firefly shirts

Firefly Browncoats TRIANGLE Logo
Firefly Hero T-Shirt (Captain Malcolm Reynolds) brown
Firefly Hero T-Shirt (Captain Malcolm Reynolds) olive
Firefly Logo Shirt Brown
Firefly Logo Shirt Gray
Firefly Logo Shirt Black
Firefly Logo Womens Shirt Brown
Firefly Logo Zipper Hoodies
Firefly Jayne Public Relations shirt
Firefly Jayne Public Relations Baby Tee

Serenity Bad Guys T-Shirt (Jayne Cobb)
Serenity Blue Sun hoodies
Serenity Blue Sun looks like light or baby blue writing on white
Serenity Blue Sun looks like dark blue writing on white
Serenity Browncoat Jogging Jacket
Serenity *Browncoat* I AIM TO MISBEHAVE Baby Tee
Serenity *Browncoat* I AIM TO MISBEHAVE T-Shirt Sheer
Serenity *Browncoat* I AIM TO MISBEHAVE T-Shirt
Serenity *Browncoat* I AIM TO MISBEHAVE Zipper Hoodies brown
Serenity Buddha Baby Tee white on brown
Serenity Buddha T-Shirt green on brown
Serenity Buddha T-Shirt some color on some color (you have to ask)
Serenity Fruity Oaty Bar T-Shirt
Serenity Logo Baby Tee
Serenity Logo T-Shirt
Serenity Logo Zipper Hoodies Black
Serenity River T-Shirt (River Tam)
Serenity Sihnon Companion Academy Baby Tee

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I'm also impressed with the lunchbox- I think I will be looking out for it!

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