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April 05 2007

David Boreanaz blogs about Hockey. David has a blog on the NHL fan site.

I love the Whedonverse.

I love hockey.

When these two things collide, I get very excited. I guess I have a reason to cheer for the Sabres these playoffs. After all, it sounds like he was cheering for the Oilers in the finals last year.
I notice he didn't mention the Toronto Maple Leafs at all!

And I agree with his assessment of the shoot out!
I love hockey too.

Which is complicated by the fact that I am a Devils fan and my boyfriend and one of our good friends are both Rangers fans. We don't talk anymore so much as trade insults. *g*
Hockey is the only sport that I follow. And, because I grew up in Detroit, I'm a Red Wings fan. But I also have a fondness for the Sabres. I would love to see a Detroit/Buffalo Stanley Cup Finals (especially if the Wings came out on top). That would be some great hockey and amazing for those two cities.
I love, love, love David Boreanaz. Like insane, crazy, rediculous love. But even David can make my eyes glaze over. I hate sports :)
Do we know any other celebrities that are involved in niche blogging? (i.e. Blogging a particular subject other than their own careers/lives?)
I love David Boreanaz. Pity he didn't mention the Flames. I love hockey, but have problems following it now that I've moved back to Australia. Sigh.
Too bad for David, but my Ottawa Senators are eventually going to have to take out the Sabres in their glorious Cup run. *cough* Well, I can always dream.

I wouldn't mind seeing the Sabres win the Conference if the Sens can't. They're a good team, and Brian Campbell is one of my favourite players -- he played his junior here in Ottawa and I still think he's one of the best players I've ever seen.

This reminds me how much I enjoyed the scene on Angel where Angel has bought the little hockey stick for Connor, and he and Gunn talk about hockey. :)
gt0163c, I'm also Detroit born and bred. Go Wings!
I'm more a fan of the individual sports like fencing and boxing... but of the team sports, hockey is the fastest there is and demands a precision and skill that is unmatched.

Baseball fans brag up how difficult it is to hit a fastball... now change that to a smaller puck and your job isn't just to hit it but to hit it into a 72 inch by 48 inch net that a well padded man is determined to defend... and both you and the person who sent the puck your way are traveling twenty miles per hour... and there is a 230 pound defenceman lining up on you with a closing volocity of 35 miles per hour... and there is another player traveling 15 mph faster than you trying to get in your way.

Like I said, not a fan of the team sports but you gotta give hockey some serious props.

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