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April 05 2007

"Southland Tales" news! Finally an update on SMG's new flick! An update on Sarah Michelle Gellar's highly anticipated movie! Its almost done, people!!

Still no release date. But it is good news. Rumors have it that the first public screening(s) will be July or August in LA and/or Austin.
I've heard it's a mess, but considering how much I love Donnie Darko, I have to see it. Maybe with the added time and support, Southland Tales will become the film Richard Kelly always intended.
Yeowch, that JoBlo review hurt (linked to in the article from him seeing it at Cannes last year).

When it was first getting trashed at Cannes, I figured maybe the majority of folks who attend (and are able to afford to go to) Cannes simply aren't a crowd who're keen on contemporary sci-fi mindfucks like Donnie Darko and such (and Donnie Darko really isn't that hard to get, I've seen people overcomplicate it in their analyzations sometimes and state that you need to see the thing more than a couple times to wrap your head around it).

The JoBlo review did give me some hope though--the 3 points out of 10 he gives it are for a great soundtrack (always a necessity if we aren't getting a straight wordless score), a fun cast (keeping it within the Richard Kelly spectrum, a large part of Donnie Darko's charm was that most of the cast members were fun and looked like they were really enjoying being in the movie, not just going through the motions), and ambition. His major complaint about it being too long (not usually a problem for me, I often find sci-fi movies too short) has probably been addressed with editing.

Some viewers will also have the benefit of having read what Kelly describes as "the first three chapters" of the story (the three acts of the film are the final three), the three Southland Tales graphic novels (would be nice if the third volume would finally see release some time this year). So maybe it'll play better with those scenes and that backstory in mind. I've only read the first volume so far.
At this point post-original-reviews-etc. my reaction is of the "Oh, whoop-de-freakin'-blue-bloody-do" variety but as I liker both SMG and The Rock I hope this does fiarly well.
Rumors have it that the first public screening(s) will be July or August in LA and/or Austin.

Hope that's true for Austin's case.

It is good news that Kelly can finish the movie the way he wants now.

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