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April 06 2007

Want to see Drive first? Check the website for your evite, send the email and head over to Universal City in LA for a special advanced screening of Drive from FOX and the Socal Browncoats. Also, Nathan has a natter about the pilot with a clip at The TV Addict.

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Maybe gossi or one of the mods can add to the title, but TV addict has posted a video of Nathan talking about Drive, along with a clip from the pilot.
SoCal Browncoats once again prove how gorram hard they rock! Have fun, Cali folks! ;-)
Browncoat Premieres!

First QMX premieres the Serenity Blueprints with the SoCal Browncoats.

Now a TV show Premieres with SoCal Browncoats!

SoCal Browncoats have over 1000 members on their yahoo group. Whose the next largest group? Get in the game. Maybe your group can premiere the Serenity lunchbox from Dark Horse.
I think if you go by Yahoo, the next largest is San Francisco. Might have something to do with California being the most populous state.

And we're going to angle for that lunchbox premiere too. You can never have too many premieres :)
Arhg! Why is this screening at the exact same time as the Waitress screening I just signed up for? I guess "Fox is evil" covers it. I don't know what to do now.
I guess "Fox is evil" covers it.

That seems a rather daft thing to say, considering that in this case what we have is an example of FOX doing something right and smart.
Exactly. They are trying to promote this show, and doing a pretty good job of it. I think we should set aside the Fox hate for now and see if we can help make Drive the success it should be.

dreamlogic - You should sign up for the screening on May 1st at the Pacific Grove and go to the Drive screening. You have multiple chances to see Waitress, but only one chance to see Drive on the big screen.

And it was also announced that Nathan will be at the Newport Beach Film Festival, so there's another chance to see the movie.
O.K., that was a fit of pique. But both screenings are Fox, and both right in my area, so it's like "Pick one. Bwha-ha-ha!."

Thanks, danregal. Good suggestion. Plus I just saw an email that there's a screeninng of Waitress on the 24th at the Arclight, though I don't know if I can get in. Either way, I'll go the the Drive screening Wednesday.
I'm nowhere where I'll get an advance showing of Waitress, but I'm getting more enthusiastic about Drive by the day. IMO Nathan should already be a major star. Maybe this series will do it.

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