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April 06 2007

See Nathan in Waitress before anyone else!! Fox Searchlight is showing special screenings of "Waitress" in select markets before the film opens on May 25th.

Cities include New York, San Fran, Portland, Denver, Seattle, Washington and many many more.

Click on the link and choose the city you want to see the film to RSVP.

cool! There are a few in montreal!
They hate the east coast, except for NYC
Man, there's one at 19:00 on a Wednesday 10 minutes from my house. Tempting.
Pffffffffffft! San Diego's screwed again but there's one in my friend's area in Seattle (Bellevue).
I signed up for Phoenix and Tempe. I'm sure I'll want to see it twice.
I just reserved tickets for the Maryland screening. I'm tempted to go to a DC screening as well, but I feel like I should pay to see it the second (third,..., Nth) time. :)
Technically it won't be before ANYone else. Some of us saw it at Sundance. ;) By the way, it's a great movie! Highly recommended.
I thought the general release was May 2nd. Does this mean they are moving it back to have a wider limited release? The Film Festival showings of Waitress have been selling well.
Technically it won't be before ANYone else. Some of us saw it at Sundance.

Details....... ;-)
How does Montreal manage to get two screenings while Toronto gets none?

If enough people sign up for Toronto, maybe they'll put one together.
Thank you so much for posting this! I RSVPd for the Silver Spring one, too :)
MadMolly, I totally misread your post and thought you said "Phoenix and _Tampa_" and I was really impressed by your dedication...
JeremyN Said:
Technically it won't be before ANYone else. Some of us saw it at Sundance. ;) By the way, it's a great movie! Highly recommended.

I'm glad you said it and not me. I didn't want to appear cocky. ;) I still have my ticket on the fridge. I gaze at it longingly and picture Nathan Fillion's biceps... I mean, how great the movie was! :D

Hooray for a screening in my state! Time to go harass all my friends about seeing it.
There's a showing right by my new home! I'm totally going.
"CLICK HERE to Register For "Waitress" Screenings in markets not included below. You will be emailed a notice if/when screenings are added"

I wonder if this is how Fox Searchlight determines what markets to show the movie. If enough people will come out to see a movie even for FREE on a off-day, maybe lots more will pay to see it on the weekend.

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Anybody every been to one of these Free screenings with this
I'd sign up for Toronto but I object to them asking for my name and address. That is none of their business. They can have a free screening without that info. Sigh. Too bad.
Ah well, we have a shindig planned for when it is released.

As for the first come, first serve, in my experience, they do generally give out more tickets that there are seats.
That's the case for when you're able to win free city-specific premiere tickets as well. They want a full theatre, so they give out more tickets than there are seats available.

From what I've experienced recently, free blockbuster epics and superhero flicks (like when I went to Ghost Rider in February, 'cause free was the only way I was gonna see that and hey it turned out to be a bit of fun) always fill to the brim and I bet there're folks outside the theatre trying to get in who got there too late (me and my friend Lisa experienced that with a Hulk premiere years ago and the theatre was nice enough to give us passes for whatever other movie we'd like to see. So we simply saw X-Men 2 for a second time that summer, a film well worth re-watching on the big screen).

Whereas when we went to The Break-up last June (the Jennifer Aniston/Vince Vaughan thing), the theatre wasn't nearly full.

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