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April 06 2007

TFAW gets, sells out of Firefly Visual Companion Vol. 2. It's a case of blink-and-you-missed-it, but they're ordering more now.

This is about a month before the expected May street date for the book, too.

Amazon did it again... those of us who pre-ordered won't get our copies until May! I'm starting to have serious doubts about the "convenience" of pre-ordering items from the 'verse...
Except in the case of the QMx blueprints. Those things looked awesome, and I expect they will sell out rather quickly.
oh yeah, i'm totally hitting the book stores tomorrow. i feel lucky.
This is unsettling. I should have ordered direct from Titan instead of Sigh. What were they thinking with such a short run? That the browncoats had dispersed and moved on to other fandoms? Crumples to the floor and sighs.

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Wow, I'd forgotten this was due soon. I pre-ordered months ago from Amazon as well.

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