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April 06 2007

"The 4400" Season 3 DVDs to be released on May 8th. Summer Glau makes a repeat appearance in 3 episodes as Tess Doerner.

I didn't see this posted in the archives. If I missed it, I'm sorry.

Good to know. Summer may have only had three appearances, but they were memorable. She did a great job, and Tess Doerner was/is a very interesting character. :)
I have to say I LOVE 4400. Its a great show and I cant wait for the next season. And yes Summer was fantastic. I hope they can bring her character back for next season, they can do a lot with her character, especially in relation to that neuroscientist. A little off topic, but any news on that terminator series?
I've been searching for info on the Sarah Connor Chronicles, Kurya, but there's no recent news. The last I heard, the Pilot was completed, and Maybe an Episode or two. Summer did say in an interview, though, that she would do more on both The 4400 and The Unit (which showed her final appearance in her Story Arc last Tuesday) If Asked. Cross your Fingers!
The 4400 Spoilers Livejournal community revealed yesterday that Summer and Jeffrey Combs will both be back for five episodes in season four. I won't say more than that for those who don't want to be spoiled!
May I say, she did a fine job on her last ep on The Unit, too. Definitely didn't have any traces of River in her performance, and she and Max Martini were great together.
Thanx RachVG! so happy about summer getting more work!
Yes please NO spoilers unless marked. I really like this show & I'm looking forward to season 4. And the news that Summer will be in more season 4 eps is great, she is a very unique talent.
RachVG, huzzah! :-)

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