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April 06 2007

CustomCon 16 includes two sets of customised Buffy and Angel action figures on Friday, Stakey's featuring Buffy season four and Sasha's featuring "sacrifice" moments from both series.

omg, that Prophecy Girl one is so morbid and wrong that I just absolutely love it.
that Prophecy Girl one is so morbid and wrong that I just absolutely love it

I can imagine having that on my desk at work - people would definitely talk...
Thanks, those were a lot of fun. It reminds me of the old days when I posed my action figures in my room as if they were priceless statues. Anyway, day two has some pretty nice "Astonishing X-Men: Gifted" sculpts.
I missed the Gifted set! Doy. Thanks.
Wonderful, wonderful work once again from Sasha. I particularly adore both the 'Prophecy Girl' and 'The Gift' set-ups.
"The Gift" was a great idea and beautifully executed, and I think the others are nice too. Has there ever been an official Buffy from that episode released? I don't think so but there is something in the back of my head telling me I'm wrong. It was certainly a simple but beautiful outfit which expressed Buffy's purity and goodness.

A few of the figures on the banner on the top of the page look interesting too, like Vengenace Demon Anya from St. Petersburg, that brilliant dining table scene with the dead people slumped around the table and the guy running around on fire. And Cordelia from "Inside Out"- I think that it captures the feel of the character very accurately even in that one picture.
There are (at last count) around 450 figures on Sasha's site. She's scary-good.

There hasn't been an official figure of Buffy herself from The Gift - just the Dawn and Glory set.

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