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April 06 2007

Blueprints on sale at QMx now. The Official Serenity blueprints are now on sale at QMx. Can't build your own Firefly without the plans...

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And I expect lots of nice detailed descriptions from those what get them.
CEDRIC of the Bedlam Bards has his wife's permission to build a life-sized replica of Serenity in his front yard.
Ahh, thanks C.A Bridges, these were the most detailed yet that I've seen. I love building models and I was at a standstill with the previous drawings. I think I can complete a decent model now. Thanks again!
What disturbs me about the site is,
1) There are only going to be 750 copies avaiable worldwide, and
2) They've installed a "Dealer's Inquiry" link to the page.

Anyone else get a Bad Vibe from that? I'm gonna Try to buy one, but I've just got this feeling...
I wouldn't try it.
OH! TD go boom!
Oh, goodness sakes. Say your piece! What disturbs (SP) about the site, we're all ears?
Uhm, Madhatter, have you been at the coffee today?
So, is there a $100 "premium" version and a reasonablly priced one? 'Cause I'm not seeing the latter.
From what I heard at the preview shindig, the dealers will only be getting a limited amount each. Black Market Beagles got 25, but I don't know how many the others are getting. Most likely it's less.

As for the premium version versus a less priced one, there won't be a different one. This is the only blueprint release there will be from QMx. It is limited since they are all signed by the 2 designers, printed on high quality paper, and took the design team 4 months of non-stop work to complete.
Does $15 for postage in the US sound right? That seems awfully high to me, but then I live in the UK. Just getting the post where it's supposed to go is a major achievement!
Too pricey for me but I'd love to have this! Maybe they'll come out with a book version of it someday, not as big and fancy but with all the juicy pictures and detail.
That's my point. Dealers like BMB getting 25... how many Dealers ARE there, and what does that leave for us Peons? I have this sneaking suspicion that the entire supply will be gone in 15 minutes, tops.

-And BTW... disturbs is spelled correctly, so what's the fuss?
I honestly don't know, but they made it sound like most were only getting 10-15 each. And I'm pretty sure there aren't many. I would guess that at least 500 will be available through the QMx site. But that's all it is, a guess.
I think the dealer inquiry thing is on all the pages of items at QMX. had some but sold out. But you can still check out the shiny inspired jewelry.
TDBrown, Check you email!!! Hurry!!!

edit: And TDBrown did check his email.

KM Collectables had 2 left!

"Sold out at 08:21 PM EST
We have sold through most of our units, we have one on ebay under the id Kitemare. Check back Tuesday, we may have a few more. "

KM Collectables 1 Blueprint on ebay

...goes looking for other vendors...

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I wonder if they will be sold out tomorrow morning...
CEDRIC of the Bedlam Bards (Shiny Firefly music CD by the way)

My thought is that we'd then run it as a B&B. Guests could select the passenger dorms, the Kaylee suite, the Captain suite, the Jayne suite, the Washburn suite, or the top-priced Inara Shuttle Suite. Meals would be served in the kitchen. Internet access would be in the bridge, and laundry in the engine room. The cargo bay would contain a Firefly/Serenity museum and double as a space for panels, shindigs, and Bedlam Bards concerts. Weddings would be performed by a Ron Glass look-alike.

I can see it now . . .

Dollar bills in hand!!
yeah my parents are letting me use their card so I will be getting it for my birthday....WHICH IS IN OCTOBER O.o
That's odd, the QMx site seems to be getting a lot of traffic. Wonder why...
ahahahaha its mine. SHINY!
The meter thing is up to 200 already.
Made it back from dinner just in time to nab my set. Can't wait to see them.
Well it took a lot of patience (the site seems to be pretty busy for some reason), but it's a done deal for me. Have to say though, I'm pretty nervous about submitting my card info that way. Has anyone ordered from this site before?
I ordered the money pack last year. Got them in November as promised, so no problems for me.
Wheee! Got 'em :) I was pleasantly surprised by the site being quite quick too.
The meter thing is up to 300!


I ordered 3 money packs as Christmas presents from QMX. Came and they were beautiful.

QMX sold-out Serenity Money Packs in stock at kmcollect

kmcollect's page doesn't show the shiny box the money and map came in with Serenity logo on it and River's pic on inside of cover.
I got my order through. I'll post here after I get it. It's like Xmas, except I have to buy my own present. ;-)
Where are you all seeing numbers on the sell-o-meter? It seems to be stuck at the half-way mark, but I don't see any numbers...
There are 7 sections in the meter, so we can assume that each is worth a bit over 100. Last night it opened with the meter all the way to the right, and it's been sliding over to the left as sales roll in. Now that four of the sections are blue, I think we're meant to assume that ~400 have been sold.
I will say that the design of the meter could use a bit of improvement, though; I'd think a typical person would assume it's moving the other way, from left to right, and that red indicates the sold area, not the blue. It'd help if they put a 0 on one end and a 750 on the other, or some way to indicate which way the thing is going. Right-handed people would probably assume the opposite of the way it's set up. Hey Andy you have nothing else to do, right? :)
Heh. Knew I was lurking, didn't you, Eric? ;-)

The whole sell-o-meter was an idea we've had for a long time, but didn't know we had a way to make it work until very recently (it's actually hooked directly to the inventory system; so what you see there is really what we have.)

Anyway, I sent the Flash programmer that exact same suggestion last night. But he's spending today celebrating Easter with his family (lazy bum!)

Andy, it was a pretty safe bet. ;)

Nice, I see the 0 and 750 now, but you might want to double-check that they're in the right place--unless the meter is supposed to show how many remain, as opposed to how many have been sold? Without something explaining what the meter means, I think people might take it either way.
From what I understand it's more like a gas tank, running from full down to empty.
That would be correct. When it gets to the last dit, it'll say "ALMOST GONE" instead of "AVAILABLE", and the red represents product, rather than the blue. Translation: We're already 2/3s sold out in 36 hours.

Anyone planning to get a set, now would be a good time ;-)
My blueprints just arrived!
I am the proud owner of prints #471
They are so very, very Shiny!!

The quality is excellent, as is the detail.
I spent about 30min perusing them before logging on, and for technical geeks the details in "off screen" areas of the ship are fascinating. Ladders,access shafts, and other kit - nifty. An armoury? Explosives room? Kewl.

One touch that I really like are the Kaylee-related details. Her dress, hammock, stenciling are shown.

Okay, I feel like I'm a babbling. I'm going to go drool some more.

[ edited by Loose Deckplate on 2007-04-13 18:21 ]
Yeah, I don't think for a second that anyone is going to read this thread anymore. But rather than starting an entirely new thread just to say that I got mine, I'm here to say, "I got mine!" :)

Set No. 168 of 750! Shiny. Really very impressive. I plan on having one or more of them professionaly mounted and framed... just not sure which ones yet.

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