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April 07 2007

Unstoppable Green Screen Technology. The New York Times hearts the special effects in Drive. (Registration required.)

There's also a video with the ex-Firefly VFX guys explaining Drive, along with lots of clips, here.
Good article & good press for Drive and Zoic.

I am hearing people relatively unfamiliar with both Tim & Joss' TV work buzzing 'bout Drive, so am heartened about a substantial and increasing audience tuning in for its premiere.

Didn't go get free gas, but photos on (courtesy of gemma) look like a good time was had - hope it was well attended, too.
Spotted this one from - Fx Guide article. 120 special effects an episode? Yikes, that's gotta be expensive.
Zoic are also working on The Sarah Connor Chronicles (which has Summer Glau in the cast).

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