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April 08 2007

"So he's vaguely aware of Buffy". Author Jim Butcher on whether Harry Dresden knows anything about Buffy the Vampire Slayer. There's also discussion about Buffy and Spike's influence on Jim's books and how James Marsters came to read 'The Dresden Files' audiobooks.

What a cool interview! He seems like such a nice guy. I felt kind of bad that the interview was so Buffycentric, but they did warn him about that and he seemed genuinely not bothered by it at all and gave such interesting answers.

I have only ever listened to the few chapters they put up to download as previews, but after reading this and seeing how cool Jim Butcher seems, I may have to finally shell out the money and buy the audio books or buy the books themselves.

Between these and the various versions of Buffy Season 8 comics and the Spike comics I'm going to start reading, I'll be broke, but I mean really, who needs food?
Maybe it's just me, but the link doesn't work :(
I'm having trouble with this link. Seems to be a proble with whedonopolis?

Entropy-These Dresden audiobooks are really fun- JM does are great job. If you get the MP3 audiobooks, they are a lot less expensive, and you can play them on your computer. And if, like me you have no ipod, you can get portable cd players that play MP3, for, like $20.

The discs play more than 10 hours each- not really more expensive than dvds for the amount of entertainment-time wise, anyhow. I like to take audiobooks for long boring companion-less trips. They are particularly good for those of us who get carsick reading in cars and buses.
Oh nads. It was working earlier. It's a new site so they might be having technical difficulties. I'll put a warning on the subject line.
Their web host is under DDoS attack.

Edit: and they're back.

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Seems to be back up. Funnily enough was down for me too until the last few minutes. Wonder if they use the same name-servers ?

Bloody vandals.
How fun is Jim Butcher? Every interview I've heard from him has been just, just, interesting and low-key and like somebody I'd want to have coffee with. I love the spaghetti story. I worked nights for a while, too, and it's amazing how much you miss TV-wise.
Now that it's back up, there's also a link to a lengthly panel discussion (about 45 minutes ) which is not so Whedon-related, but lots of fun. It's actually a Q and A recording from a book-signing. Jim Butcher seems like a really nice guy, and is also clever and tells a good story in person, too.
I'm typically a lurker here (LOVE the site), but I just had to chime in about Jim Butcher. He is genuinely a nice guy. I was in a few seminar-style writing classes with him at OU and always enjoyed his sense of humor and writing style. What you read in interviews matches what you get in person.
That and that the Harry Dresden books are a great read, I'd recommend them to anyone.
I think Jim Butcher is happy to have a Buffy-centric interview because he knows that a lot of his fans (like me!) got into his books after James Marsters read 'Storm Front'. He has always been very warm and welcoming to his cross over fans, and why shouldn't he: I buy every book when it comes out in hard back, then I buy it again in paperback so that I have the whole set matching (but I'm a freak), and eventually I buy it AGAIN when the next audio book comes out (they are the best on long driving trips).
I love listening to these books. I haven't actually read one, only listened to them. James does such a great job with the voices. I could see James playing Thomas, he'd be perfect. Of course he'd be perfect with any part.
I've just read the ninth book in the Harry Dresden series and they just continue to impress. I can't see myself getting bored with them anytime soon. I'm also loving the audiobooks. James does a superb job.

It's always good to read a Jim Butcher interview !
Yep,I've bought and read all the Dresden Files books,the audiobooks and watch the tv show. But like a lot of people,I came to do that through James Marsters. How cool would that be to see James play "Thomas Raith"? It is wonderful of Jim Butcher to say he will pass that suggestion up the chain of command. Ah,now I'm getting all hopeful and excited again.

I hate when that happens.
I actually came to that series through the link (on Whedonesque) to JM's reading. I've completely fallen in love with Butcher's work. It always amused me when he alludes to something Buffy or Spikesque, even. Highly recommend reading his series. Much fun to be had. Butcher's writing does nothing but improve throughout the series.
We're pretty much huge "Dresden" fans over at the site I did the interview for, but since it isn't so much a sci-fi site as an everything Whedon site, I had to skew the interview towards Buffy and how much it'd influenced Jim, as well as the James Marsters connection. I think the best use of a Buffy quote came in the short story JB wrote for the "My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding" compilation: "You've got fruit punch mouth."

Glad you guys liked it. =)
"They just started re-running season 7 on FX..."

Yeah, at six o'clock in the friggin morning! Sorry, but I never stay up past five. =)
That was great, I've never heard Jim Butcher interviewed before. I hadn't read any of the books when I heard about the TV series so I decided to wait & just catch it on TV. Besides from being too broke to buy a book or five.
It took a few episodes for me to warm up to the show but now I'm completely hooked. And JM in a guest role? Yes please, too good to be true but I can still hope.
I have not read the books either, but have enjoyed the excerpts that I have seen or heard, and have been enjoying the show. I think it will take a lot more than a guest spot on a SciFi channel original series to get JM to play another vampire, but I could be mistaken...some other type of role, though...that would be nice...
Shey? I didn't want to spend the money on yet another book series either, so I went to the library. It takes a little longer to request the books for pick up so that you can read them in order... but, hey, it's FREE!! And worth the reads as well.

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newcj, Thomas is not your average vampire - so no lumpies or teeth. You should really read the books; he appears for the first time in book 3, "Grave Peril," and rocks on from then on (from book 5 on, he's pretty much a regular character.) I *heart* Thomas!
I want to read the books, but I am trying to be careful with the money right now, and the library does not have any of them. (I checked.) I have been hoping that the interest in the TV show would get them to look seriously at getting the books. Our library also has no Whedon, no graphic novels that I have found and is missing various pieces of classic science fiction series, so I think it may take a bit to get it to buy anything that is fantasy or science fiction. (Hrumph)

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