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April 08 2007

Firefly DVD Box Set $19.99 at Best Buy. A good price to buy one for the uninitiated in your life.

Who names the chapters on the DVDs? Does anyone know? I'm enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon and it crossed my mind.
Yeah, I noticed that as well.
What they did was to list the names of the scenes in each episode.
Why? Who even knows.
Happy Spring, y'all!
Target Stores here in the 'States have the BDSeries for the same price, and it seems to be permanent! Good news for this coming Holiday Season. :)

Question: With the sudden drop in the Box Set price, does this indicate the possibility of a Special Edition? One can always hope!
With the awesome sales of Firefly and it being one of the more prominent 20th Centuary Fox TV-on-DVD releases, is it pretty much a sure thing that it'll get the HD treatment like Serenity ? I'll re-buy. New extras would be sweet for a re-release (or arguably improved release, in the case of Firefly-on-HD).

Who knows when I'll be willing to spend the money on an HD player, who knows what'll be the best player to get when the time comes and worse--when I'll have the funds to spring for a nice HD TV with half-decent sound system (not an audio junkie. Don't need my eardrums bleeding. As long as dialogue is clear and music and environmental effects can be set easily so that they complement instead of drowning out, I'm good).

But I'll buy Firefly-on-HD anyway, just to have it on hand for when that happens. And to further support the franchise.
Thanks for the heads up! I totally have to let my brother know, since he has yet to even see Firefly, but he fell in love with the characters in Serenity. :)
So when they were on sale the last time, I bought two sets and gave on away. I hesitated giving the second one away as I just hated to part with it. Now I shall buy 2 more sets and give them both away. It's good karma.
It is hard to think of a better entertainment value.
I haven't bought the series yet and with only $60 in the bank acct, you know I had to by it ... *lol* I guess food will have to wait until tuesday ;)
digitalMindy, Firefly is IMO better than food :) I just recently got my DVD set and devoured it like a starving person. (unintentional lack of food metaphor). Whatever the shortcomings of the now on sale set, it's so very much better than watching it on TV with commercials, even the linear SciFi channel run.

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