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April 08 2007

Happy Birthday Emma Caulfield! Our favorite outspoken ex-demon turns 34 today!

[ edited by Weeza on 2007-04-09 03:22 ]

Many Happy Returns Emma!

Hope you are having a wonderful day

and - ah, thanks for being one of the greatest
characters in the Buffyverse, you are still missed.
Happy Birthday Emma!
Happy birthday!

I wish you many more years, and many valuable pink children that you can someday trade in for more cash.
Awww, Happy Birthday Emma, you'll always be my fave!
Happy Birthday, Emma! Come back to TV soon. I miss seeing you.
Happy Birthday, Emma!!! Yes, come back to TV!!!!
Happy happy birthday! And oh, the bunny-day irony! :D
happy birthday
A Very Hoppy Happy Birthday to Emma.

ANYA: "This is extremely suspenseful! I want the presents." - "Blood Ties"
I hope you had a very nice birthday, Emma, filled with many orga… err, opps. Almost slipped into Anya-speak.
I just noticed on imdb it's also Katee Sackoff's birthday.

So Happy Birthday to the both of them.
much much appreciation to Weeza for the post--but PLEASE get the spelling right for her last name (CauLfield). it's what separates us from the beasts. :)
I'm doing the capitalist dance of superiority in your honor Emma, Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday Emma (it's a little humorous that she played a character terrified of bunnies and her birthday falls on the holiday of bunnies this year)
Wow... thanks to those of you who pointed out the bunny thing. That made my day!
Emma Caulfield, so hot right now.

Updawg for all!
Happy Birthday Emma!
Happy Birthday and Happy Zombie Jesus Day!
Emma, we don't see nearly enough of you girl! Hope that changes in the coming year! Happy b-day...
Happy Birthday, Emma!
God rest his zombie bones.....

A hippy happy birthday, Ms. C!

Um, so like she has a capital letter in the middle of her name?
Happy birthday, EC!
hoppy, floppy....bunnies!
happy birthday to my favorite (yes, even more than my beloved Tara and Kaylee) character ever in the Jossverse. I still cry like a little girl during your dorm room breakdown in The Body.
Happy birthday Emma!
Emma Caulfield, I hope your exceptional musical/comedy skills find ample expression in a world without shrimp.
all the coolest people have capital letters in the middle of their names, staRbuck! :)
Happy birthday, Emma! :)
A belated happy birthday, Emma!

Your breakdown in "The Body" is the single best moment of the entire Buffy series. ;-)
Belated Happies to a talented actress who's also one of my fellow WASP-Kraut mixes.

I seriously wonder if Emma isn't ready to make the break from acting she's often talked about. I have no way of knowing of course, and it hink she's briliant at it. (I have a solo picture of her on my wall and two cast pics with her in them. Which puts ehr well below Amber, Mercedes, or SMG in that category tho.)
So many things I'd like to see her do; playing Lillian oppposite Goran Visnjic in a Lugosi biopic, co-starring with AMber in gender-bent remakes of the Hope & Crosby Road pictures. Too bad I'm not a powerful producer.
She's never mentioned plans for a family in interviews; I'm soemtimes (not often as it's not my concern) curious how maternal an image she has of herself.
Happy Birthday and may the bunnies be kind to your alter ego this Easter.

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