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April 09 2007

3 ft. Serenity Paper Model on Ebay. Looks very cool. The seller explains on that he "figured it was time for someone else to enjoy it."

"Nearly 200 individual pieces were hand crafted and took nearly 6 months to complete. Ship is permanently mounted to lightweight reinforced foam board which contains images and floorplans of Serenity."

greeeeat, more things to spend my cashy money on. i just bought Angel seasons 1-5 on eBay. that was some pretty coin.
I can't imagine spending six months on something like this and then just selling it for $100...if that.
Very cool. How is this going to ship, exactly? Nonetheless, now that it's listed here, I hope it goes nice and high so this person can feel they let it go for a good rate.
How is this going to ship, exactly?

Over on he says, "The way it is mounted prevents it from sliding. A large box will prevent the sides from reaching the ship if it is dented slightly. Otherwise it will be packed with foam. The ship is actually a lot less fragile than you might think."
That looks pretty decent. Not the easiest model to build outta paper...

(This is a free paper model that a fan made ---> )

I'm currently making one that is 10 feet long! :D

Anyone want the plans for THAT one? I'll post pics when I'm done with her...

(I was gonna make her bigger, but then, I realized that it would just be too damn big! :D ) The cockpit was over 5 feet long!
Well personally I want one that is at least full sized, where I can pull the car up into the cargo bay, and live there in it parked along the sea shore somewhere (hey, I can dream, can't I?).

edited to add: but not made of paper of course, I want it out of some good quality materials that would withstand space flight and re-entry through the atmosphere. Because it is important to maintain authenticity.

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Just make sure you use the high-strength glue on that buffer panel! ;)
Awww. He'll only post it within the States. Time for plan B.
I eventually want to make the paper model
That's a great piece of work. Must have taken a lot of dedication.

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