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April 09 2007

New Georges Jeanty interview. A new interview with Georges Jeanty on how he got into comics and what it's like working on Buffy Season 8 with Joss. Some cool new information.

Thanks to buffycomic.

Here's hoping the surprise he says is in store for us is Taralicious. :)

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love that Buffy's an Anthropologie fan...their clothes are wonderful. just wish I could afford to shop there more often!

(come to think of it, how does Buffy afford to? is she working in some Doublehaggis Palace over there or something?)

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That is a wonderful interview, thank you for the link hitnrun017! I love the artwork so far, and I love that Joss' instructions were to draw Buffy, not SMG. I think that this is what I have to remember w/Andrew (the character is clearly Andrew, just not quite as much Tom Lenk as I would like). I loved Buffy upside down talking to Giant Dawny, and I love the big fight scenes, I think that Georges Jeanty really does capture the look and feel of Buffy's world.
Interesting interview. He seems like a nice guy and very enthusiastic about the project. I'm looking forward to the Faith arc a lot. I am getting a little tired, though, of these different answers from different people as to the likelihood of Spike and Angel appearing. Personally, I'm counting down the time until they do.

Also, if Rowena (is it?) and that other girl (can't remember her name) are going to become major characters, I really hope they'll drop those accents. I find them a bit distracting, but maybe we're supposed to find them funny, I'm not sure.
From the interview it seems Georges is staying on board for a while. Is he going to be the main artist for the whole project? I mean with other artists doing the one-shots?
Rowena, Leah, and Satsu were the three Slayers being used as tackle dummies. I suspect the accents are to accentuate the point that the new Slayers are an international phenomenon. Problem with print is, it's hard to illustrate a distinguishable accent without going OTT with it.
Well we're getting some type of Angel and Spike appearance next issue.Maybe that's all we're going to get for the foreseeable future.They were never going to have major roles in season 8 anyway.With IDW now going to do canon Angel season 6,it's possible Joss wants to just get the obligatory Angel/Spike appearance out of the way fast and early so he dosen't have to deal with it later.Doesn't mean they can't appear later on but he did say they would be used sparingly even if they were all at one company.I'm taking that to mean,not much and only when he feels it's right for the story he's telling here.

I'm figuring whatever the Angel/Spike thing next issue is,will be it for right now with them.

I like Georges art.I'm glad he'll be working long term on season 8.

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Also, if Rowena (is it?) and that other girl (can't remember her name) are going to become major characters, I really hope they'll drop those accents.

Well, that would be kind of massively inconsistent surely ? Obviously the characters aren't putting those accents on, that's just how they talk. I like it personally (and only partly because one of them's Scottish ;), it gives the book an international feel just like the TV show had (though that was largely just UK/US), as if the Slayer ideal is bigger than America.

I also like Jeanty's art but I must confess i'm keen to see a few different artists' take on the characters. Still, if they actually do end up going to 50 issues I guess there're plenty of arcs to go around.
if they're bringing back Paul Lee (and possibly Brian Horton) It would be awesome if they could bring back Cliff Richards, if only for a one-shot issue if anything
I'd buy a Cliff Richards comic. It'd be awesome.
I'd buy a Cliff Richards comic. It'd be awesome.

Not to be confused with a Cliff Richard comic, which would probably not be awesome.
". . . not all the Slayers are going to be good Slayers."

Jubilation! I've been pining for Buffy to face some very Buffy-like foes, young women who didn't ask to be chosen or fight the forces of evil or join the Super Special Forces or take orders (or call anyone "ma'am"). Faith-like roads-not-travelled who force Buffy to decide who she is and is going to be.

On accents: "That were a wee bit repulsive" and "Yeh dinno much about religion, do yeh?" -- I fall on the floor and I'm laughing. And it's all in the brogue.

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Pointy--love the Simon ref! :)

(that song [Cecilia by Simon & Garfunkel] is one of the great pop singles of all time, swear ta god...)
Here's hoping the surprise he says is in store for us is Taralicious.

Where do I start the campaign for Tara to NOT COME BACK?
I'll join, crossoverman.
I'm hoping for the surprise to be a surprise.

(I do know the meaning of the word.)
Pointy, as I understand it, there are roughly 1300 women with Slayer powers who've elected not to be chosen. The whole point of the finale was that from now on, not only is the burden not on just one person, there's no requirement to join up to fight.

It's the All-Volunteer Slayer Army, now. And, side-bar, now I'm wondering what all those kids told their parents. Or does Giles or someone (please God, not Andrew) go around and make a recruitment pitch?

Maybe after sending out brochures?

"Are your cuts and bruises healing faster? Strength going through the roof? Dreams getting freakier? Want answers to your questions? Urgent message inside! Please do not discard!"

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Where do I start the campaign for Tara to NOT COME BACK?

Opps. Forgot the crowd here. Nope, nope, absolutely we cannot have that person come back at all. Boo, hiss on that idea. It's not aggressive, not manly enough.

What we really need is more Riley. Yes, shirtless muscle-bound Riley, 24/7, with the vampire babes sucking his arteries off.

Oh, oh, or I know. We'll kill off everyone except Andrew, and then have him bring back every fifth character, chosen at random using a Ouija board and a Star Wars dice set.

Or how about this - maybe huge Dawn gets fed up with everyone and starts stomping them into a pasty mush, except for Buffy, because she'll figure her sister would give her athelete's foot just for spite and that would be sooo uncool.

Darth Dawn. Ahhh, the idea gives me tingles.
I spoke with him at Emerald City Comicon on March 31st. At the time he said he was scheduled to work on the Brian K. Vaughan arc, but didn't know for sure beyond that. He was hopeful and willing though. Good to hear he's on for more. I think he's doing a great job. It was good getting to speak with him about it, getting an early look at #2, and having him sign my sketch variant of #1.
The accents are a delight. Sure, reading long passages with phonetically rendered accents or dialects is tiring, but brief comments, like the ones so far, add some good texture.
Who was it who said, with great power comes no responsibility? Not someone with a very gripping story to tell. Buffy is now one of 1800 slayers, but that hasn't meant that she gets to be what she's often longed to be, a "normal" young woman. She doesn't seem to feel she has the choice whether to fight or not. And her life is less normal than ever.

It might be cool to see her confronted with slayers who are, in one way or another, young women making the same choices she has made at earlier stages in her story. The decision to do nothing at all (which is the decision to let bad things happen that one could prevent), the decision to take charge (which is the decision to let other people pay for your mistakes), the decision to let the whole world go to hell rather than sacrifice a member of your family.

The decision to reject tradition where she deemed it appropriate. When a slayer asked why they didn't use guns, Andrew didn't have an answer. Basically, they don't because they never have. That's never been a good enough answer for Buffy. Should it be good enough for any other slayer?

And the decision to reject authority where she deemed it appropriate. Why does Buffy have the slayers call her "ma'am"? (Xander refuses to be called "sir.") Why the paramilitary organization? Buffy wouldn't join one; why is she leading one? Does she have to, or does she just think it's the only way?

None of this is a criticism of the way the season has started, but an appreciation of the ways it it has opened to explore a lot of issues of power, authority, responsibility and leadership.

Buffy referred to Xander as her watcher, which sounds to me like she wants an authority figure, which in turn suggests to me that that's why she's trying to be such an authority figure. But Xander's telling her to be a sister -- that is, an equal. Being a sister to the other slayers would mean not just empowering them supernaturally, but empowering them morally, teaching them to make their own decisions, as she has learned to do. (I think there's an analogy between her relationship with Dawn and her relationship to the other slayers -- too "slayer knows best.")

And is Amy going to leave the castle without telling all the other slayers that Buffy's best friend tortured and killed a human being and was punished with a summer in England and some serious mentoring? Will they be satisfied with the core Scoobs' explanation? Should they be?

(These are rhetorical questions. Must sleep. But look forward to reading any answers on the morrow. 'Night.)
quantumac, that was meant to be light hearted and funny. Right?

Not angry like it seemed. I wouldn't want to misinterpret.
When her upcoming epic battle is over, don't know if there'll be enough of Amy left to tell the other slayers anything. Besides, after fighting Amy's army of zombie Scots, they might be a tad skeptical about whatever she'd have to say.

Not sure that her being called "Ma'am" is on Buffy's orders. I got the impression she thought it was weird to be called that. Couldn't it just be coming from the younger slayers on their own?

As for never joining a paramilitary organization? She did actually, if only briefly. If it had been more loosely structured and hadn't had a secret agenda, she might have still been with it. Why not have as much help as you can get? Anyway, when Buffy was alone, she was still in a war. Now that she's not, they're all in a war. What other kind of organization can you have for a war besides a military one?

I do think that you may be right that some of these issues are going to be explored though, and that's cool with me.
Zander has to remind the slayers not to call him "sir"-could be that's Buffy's situation with "ma'am." Pretty much nobody likes being called, "ma'am", if only because it makes you feel ancient, but speaking from experience, you can't always get people to cut it out. Or, it could be she is still keeping everyone at some distance?

If I recall, the original group of potentials had already heard about Willow, though I'm not sure how, or in how much detail. Which is not to say they wouldn't be having some troubling questions on these and those other topics, Pointy.

I'm looking forward to seeing these issues dealt with, and also the biggie of how you keep the feeling of personal committment going when you have an organization too large to actually know everyone personally. Can you have a "family" with over 1,000 members? There are "cells" now. How does that change things?

This is gonna be great.

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I took it that Xander didn't want to be called "sir" because he considers himself an NCO. As in "Don't call me 'sir,' I work for a living."
Yeah, I don't think she "has them call her ma'am", they just do. That said, if they do have a hierarchical command structure it's wise to keep a bit of distance so maybe she doesn't actively discourage it either (it's great being friendly with the people who work for you but if you get too friendly it becomes impossible to discipline anyone or even tell them what to do with any authority and sometimes, especially in Buffy's situation, you just don't have time to discuss the issues and come to a consensus).

(also true that non-commissioned officers shouldn't be called 'Sir', 'Sergeant' would be the proper form. Doesn't he also say, don't call me 'Mr Harris' too though ? Suggests it's the implied "you're my superior" he objects to, as befits an 'everyman', and which he defuses by claiming he's only playing a role, that 'Commander Xander' isn't the real him - even down to wearing a 'costume')

I think the issue of 'personal commitment' may be decided for them. At the moment they're many cells engaged in different battles (though admittedly part of the same 'war'). If the US government decides the Slayers are too dangerous and starts an all out 'genocide' then I reckon that'll be the uniting force needed to make ALL Slayers everywhere feel part of a cohesive whole.

It might be cool to see her confronted with slayers who are, in one way or another, young women making the same choices she has made at earlier stages in her story.

Yeah, I think that'd be interesting. Sort of the parent desperately trying to teach their kids but watching them make the same mistakes all over again (as we all must). Could expose a little hypocrisy too which is ripe for character exploration (e.g. the idea mentioned before that Buffy resented her Slayerness being forced upon her but then went on to force it on thousands of young women when the need became pressing enough).

I'm really hoping (and expecting) we'll see some of the Slayers that haven't 'joined up' being explored, possibly in the single issue stories. Seeing their justifications for not helping (or helping in their own way) would be interesting. And do they even need to justify it ? We all have skills that'd suit us to helping people (even if it's just a strong back and an ability to dig ditches), how do we justify not doing so ?
quantumac, that was meant to be light hearted and funny. Right?

Not angry like it seemed. I wouldn't want to misinterpret.

Not to worry, TamaraC. Just making of the fun (or at least attempting to). Guess I should have used the universal smiley. :)
In my experience, if you want people below you in the workplace hierarchy not to call you "sir" (or "ma'am"), you just have to tell them the first time they do it. Few have to be told twice, and none have had to be told three times. (It's different outside the workplace, because some people say "sir" and "ma'am" to their elders or as part of customer service.) If Buffy thinks it's a way to preserve some distance between her and the other slayers, then, IMO, she is having the slayers call her "ma'am," even if she's making the choice passively. The choice as to whether they continue to is hers, unless she's working for someone we haven't yet met.

The Initiative was military, not paramilitary. If memory serves, as it does on a strictly informal and irregular basis, Buffy never joined the military, never enlisted, never submitted to military discipline. For a while she worked with the Initiative, but maintained her independence and freedom of choice. Her experience with the Initiative is one of the reasons I think she wouldn't join a paramilitary group, but that's just my opinion. Buffy may have been in a metaphorical sense "at war" in seasons 1-6, but the Scoobs were never a military organization. Even in season 7, when she spoke about being at war, she was still the kind of general who let her troops fire her -- a distinctly non-military form of organization. Of course she can use others' help; the issue is whether it's best for this help to be organized along paramilitary lines.

At the moment, I'm guessing it will turn out that Buffy will see some value in having the slayers behave in a more Buffy-like manner, and that her experience with a military foe will teach her something about the perils of organizing along paramilitary lines. But I'd be surprised if I'm not surprised.

Saje: cool unconscious entry in the subtitle sweepstakes: Buffy Season 8: Genocide And thank you, dreamlogic for the NCO insight.

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Heh, my unconscious is cool ! I'll take that the good way, as ma auld Granny used to say "It's better than a poke in the eye wi' a sharp stick" ;).

Few have to be told twice, and none have had to be told three times.

Because, presumably, you're in a position of authority over them - the irony, I take it, not being lost ;). But yeah, that's what I meant by 'she doesn't actively discourage it' i.e. for the sake of her command authority. And what happened to Buffy in 'Empty Places' struck me as more along the lines of a mutiny - which, obviously, happens in the military often enough that there's a word for it - rather than Buffy just 'letting them' fire her. Of course, even if the Slayers are run on military lines, there's no need for Buffy to become the autocratic 'General' she was in S7, hopefully she'll have learned that lesson.

Personally I a) don't see what's particularly wrong with being run along military lines especially given (or maybe assuming ?) that all the Slayers in the 'cells' are volunteers and b) suspect that, barring telepathy - which we saw them use, albeit briefly in S6 (?) - a team in combat has to have a single commander, as I mentioned there just isn't the time for discussions or disagreements in the middle of a fight.

To me one of the possibilities of S8 as it seems to be being set up is Joss asking questions a lot of people may be asking about 'wars' on concepts and the justification for asymmetric (i.e. guerilla) warfare. What's interesting is that it may actually be Buffy's side that's waging a war that never ends against a nebulous concept while still being guerilla fighters. I wonder if it'll look at what freedoms should (or must) be forfeit to win a war like that (if it even can be - 'Not Fade Away', not to mention common sense, seem to suggest otherwise) ? I also hope we don't just end up with the military-industrial complex as some kind of pantomime villain and Buffy clearly being in the right because once you have super-beings organising for a cause they choose, I think at least asking questions about registration and/or control is valid.
Few have to be told twice, and none have had to be told three times.

My experience is otherwise. Also, how many people are in a position to give you a respectful honorific title makes a difference. if you are dealing with a large bunch of people (more than a thousand slayers, say) with new ones added regularly, there's a lot of "first time" mentions, before you get a chance to say anything about it.
Just saying. Not that its actually all that important.
As to the 'Slayeret's accents.

Well I have to admit I thought they were pretty appalling! Very 'allo allo' in the worst possible way.

Sorry, I believe you can introduce characters with different nationalities without that type of awful caricatured dialogue.

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I think it's harder in comics since you don't have descriptive prose (i've read authors interviewed who say they never use accented dialogue, choosing to just describe the character as 'Texan' or 'having a southern drawl' and let the reader fill in the blanks). Without that option either your art is cliched, "Look, she's wearing a tam o' shanter everyone, she must be Scottish" or you have some really nasty, clunky expository dialogue, "Gee, Rowena you sure are hard to understand what with the way you talk Scotch and all".

(for my money though they're both obviously slight caricatures they convey the right impression and make the reader aware of the different nationalities - and the Scots dialogue is almost-sort-of-ish, something an actual Scot might say, it's not like there were "Michty Me's" or "Hoots Mons" all over the place ;)
As for joining the campaign to not have Tara come back...there an application I can fill out or something?

The fact that the only letter in #2 that wasn't given an answer was the one saying that Tara should come back makes me worried.
Or maybe Scott Allie was just too scared to respond ;). I'm not necessarily against Tara returning per se I just think it'll be hard to do well (the 'painful return' road's been travelled IMO) without devaluing death and the nobility of choosing to fight the fight (feel the same way about probably my favourite secondary character, Wesley). Still, old ground, move along, nothing to see here ;).

(re: 'that' letter, a blog I read had a post about 'shipping which pretty much describes how I feel about it - mainly in the context of 'House' in that instance but it's universally applicable)
I'm not particularly for or against Tara returning in some form, but I don't really see how her return could devalue the nobility of the fight...since she didn't die fighting. I'm not sure you get nobility points for dying in (essentially) a freak accident. I do agree it would devalue the impact her death had on the gang (particularly Willow, of course), but there are ways her appearance could make another powerful impact (i.e., how it could have been in "Conversations with Dead People" if Amber had been available, or even how the mention of her by The First as Callie did affect Willow). That was too much ramble for a parenthetical statement, and also for a first post, but you get the idea.
As for joining the campaign to not have Tara come back...there an application I can fill out or something?

The fact that the only letter in #2 that wasn't given an answer was the one saying that Tara should come back makes me worried.

UnpluggedCrazy, what worries me about the letter in #2 is DarkHorse picked the craziest, most "out there" letter to represent the W&T fans. We're not all like that.

As a self-described "Kitten," I'll read whatever Joss and this group of writers produce, as long as it stays good and fresh. I won't stop reading if Tara doesn't come back. That'd be stupid. There is so much more to the Buffyverse than W&T, even if I love them so much as a couple.

In a way, I have to thank Joss for killing off Tara. It's strange to say, but true. My frustration with Tara's death gave me the impetus to start writing again. At first I did the standard fanfic where I brought her back, and then I said, "Frilly heck, why don't I create my own world?" So that's what I did, and I'm currently working on novel four and trying to get the whole series published.

In my novels, I have a lesbian couple inspired by W&T. Both characters are integral to the story, not just one. Neither character is an extension of the other. They are whole persons, who celebrate triumphs and make mistakes, but they are also part of a larger group.

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but I don't really see how her return could devalue the nobility of the fight...since she didn't die fighting

Yep, which is precisely why I said 'choosing to fight the fight'. She was in that house at that time because previously she chose to align herself with Buffy and the Scoobs (and specifically Willow obviously).

And welcome ;).
I've never been a fan of dead characters returning alive again. However I do enjoy them returning in ghost form or in dreams. Buffy was the only character that I really thought that bringing her back from the dead was a good decision.

With Spike I felt like bringing him over to Angel was a gimmick to score more Buffy fans into watching Angel. (Although I later did enjoy some of his story on Angel, over all I felt that he detracted too much away from the star of the show, Angel)
Read that post on shipping Saje, and it makes sense to me. While I'm sorry to see characters I like die , and might temporarily wish for some particular turn of events while I'm watching, or reading, or whatever, more than anything I want to be well and truly surprised . I specifically don't want the things I think of myself to happen- or to happen the way I've imagined, because that is far less delightful than watching something more creative, clever, or true, than anything I could come up with.

If I have a better idea someday, I'll just do it myself.

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Welcome, WillowSlay!
Yep toast, the only "'ship" that really makes sense to me is the one between the viewer and the show itself.

It's a hard balance to strike though because for me, I actually do want them to do stuff I want to see BUT I should only 'want' it after it happens, y'know ? It's the whole 'surprising inevitability' thing where as soon as what happens happens, you're thinking "Of course, it couldn't have been any other way" but you didn't (quite) see it coming. Not easy but then that'd explain why so few creators hit the mark consistently.

(it's like with the comics, where we're all speculating about Amy's 'boyfriend' - if it's Adam or Warren then fine but ideally i'd want it to be someone none of us have thought of but yet which makes total sense in retrospect. Not asking much am I ? ;)
I wanted to add this to Saje's comment that s/he didn't see anything wrong with the slayers being run along military lines. We actually saw, at the beginning of Touched, what can happen when everybody has an equal input into tactical decisions and it wasn't pretty. There was good reason why Faith took over and made them all shut the hell up.
The amazing thing, Saje, is that you will probably get what you're asking for. Because if it is Adam or Warren, there will most likely still be something about it which defies our collective expectations, but also seems somehow inevitable. Not every single time, but really, really often.

Which is probably why I'm hanging around here.
If Joss wants to bring Tara back to this Universe and going from previous interviews it would appear he does, I'm not worried at all that he will be able to pull it off in the same Jossian fashion we have all grown to love.
In other words, if Joss does will rock.

I don't know if the signing of a petition thing was a joke or not but I find the whole anti campaign angle to be in poor taste. Sometimes I think it actually makes the writers want to do it that much more anyway. Just to prove they can make you love it.
I'm not what you'd call a W/T shipper but the idea of Joss bringing Tara back, after listening to him speak about what he wanted to do in season 7, makes me very excited.
Can you imagine the added grief Willow would experience for skinning Warren if she got Tara back? I think that might be quite a story line. Just my opinion as always.
The "Don't Bring Tara Back Petition" was a joke, but in the way that it needs to be said - some people think the impact of Tara's death would be lessened if she was resurrected.

But we're reading Comic Book Buffy now. And we all know that in comic books, people can be resurrected left, right and centre - Joss did it himself in AXM, to good effect.

I'm not saying that Joss couldn't make a good story out of Tara's return. But if I have to read letters like the one published in 8x02, where a militant T/W shipper demands Tara's return, people who want Tara left to rest in peace should also be heard. Particularly as the series itself was pretty adamant about the fact that resurrecting people isn't of the good.

Saje wrote:
the only "'ship" that really makes sense to me is the one between the viewer and the show itself.

Oh, wow, that's perfect! Very well said. **applause**

Though my comment about Tara wasn't anti-W/T, it was written in response to some idea that any shipper faction should be able to demand things of Joss. The only thing we should demand is he tell a good story.

I'm also starting a petition to NOT bring back Jenny Calendar, Wesley and Wash. Who's with me?
The bring-back-Tara-or-else letter reminded me of a scene from season three of The Sopranos involving a golf club. Titanium steel, was it?
I must really be in the minority here because I would give up half my Buffy merchandise to have Wes back in this Universe. ESPECIALLY if Buffy ever goes big screen again, only this time with SMG....the real Buffy. Nothing against KS. Not at all.

Crossoverman...I don't think anyone should demand Joss do anything either but by his own words, he wanted to bring Tara back. That's what I'm basing my reaction on. If Joss wants it, I doubt Wild Horses could keep him from it. :) I trust him to do what's right with his characters.
I don't think anyone should demand Joss do anything either but by his own words, he wanted to bring Tara back.

If he brings her back, I'll believe that. Until then, I'll remember the story he told at a con about wanting to bring her back as something he said to appease some very angry fans.
Crossoverman, there were no angry fans (that I could see) at the convention when he told that story. In fact he was 100% involved with 'Serenity' at the time, and his main comment regarding Buffy (IMO) was that he was sick of vampires. At any rate, having told it, he may never feel the need to tell it again. It was something he was thinking of doing in season 7 (before Kennedy) and there is a whole different dynamic now in season 8. Personally I'll trust him to kill whomever, as well as raise anyone from the dead, who will best serve the story (I got myself into a grammatical hole that I just can't seem to escape, sorry about that).
That's pretty much how I see it embers (not the sick of vampires part, cause he was jazzed about Angelus). I wracked my brain trying to remember if that story was brought about by a question about Tara or just something he shared with us on his own, I'm pretty sure he just came out with it. I also don't remember any angry fans, not that I think he would ever change his story to pacify fans in the first place.

IMO, there's not a lot of difference between angry fans who want Tara back and fans who don't for whatever reason. Each of these groups seems to be sending a message that they don't trust Joss to do what he always does. Entertain us to the fullest extent possible. I'm good either way and just ready for more.

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