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May 07 2003

Tim Minear on the 'Faith' show had been greenlit, but Eliza decided to do something else.


Later on in the thread he says both studio and network were on board.

That is really sad, but at least, Eliza didn't agree to do it because it was a job, and not give it evrything.
Well fair enought Eliza wanting to do something different. But it would have been nice to see a Faith spinoff.

And I think today breaks yesterdays record for the most posts at Whedonesque.
Since Buffy doesn't come on until Wednesday afternoon where I'm at, and I probably won't see it until late tonight after my family's gone to bed, I can't ready the majority of these posts until tomorrow if I want to remain unspoiled.

Tough life, huh? In the long run, about Eliza, if she had done the spinoff, she would likely have been typecast in that role for the rest of her career.
But have you heard what Eliza took? "Heroine." Which is about a woman with special abilities unlike any other person, on the run, solving mysteries and beating down bad guys. The only difference I see between "Heroine" and "Faith" is the heroine isn't called Faith, and the writers won't be bogged down with the baggage of seven years of a previous series. The stories told with Heroine sound like stories that could be told with Faith. They'll just change the names to protect Dushku's fragile ego.

It'd be like SMG leaving "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" to return to television next fall playing the role of "Bianca the Space Alien Fighter." Big whoop.
I can totally see what you are saying, ZachsMind - the only problem is that Heroine won't have all the ME writers, and while I think Eliza is great, the show could be total shite if it doesn't have good writers. At least if she were doing Faith, there would be some ME goodness on board.
ZachsMind, how wrong could you be? No offense, but from what I've read, Heroine is Early Edition/Quantum Leap/Voaygers. Eliza's character has a big family and the show is about her facing the responsibilities of adulthood, not redemption, not on the run crossing the country righting wrongs with super-powers which would be a hell of a lot more like Kung Fu. What this show is, Eliza not withstanding, is the next step of Fox's new plan to remake old shows with a slight twist a la John Doe which was a pathetic Pretender rip-off. But hey, that seemed to pay off better than new shows did rating-wise (see Firefly) so the execs who look at the bottom line are perfectly willing to go forward with more of the same.
re: Early Edition

Thanks jack knight - I was trying to remember where I'd seen this premise before.

Too many people seem to be slating Heroine before they've even seen it. Give it a chance guys, it might turn out to be a decent show.

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