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April 09 2007

Nathan Fillion's Waitress at Indianapolis International Film Festival. Fox Searchlight is offering two showings of the film on May 2nd and 3rd.

May 2nd - 1:45pm Landmark Cinema
May 3rd - 7:30pm Landmark Cinema

And you can also see Serenity too!!!!!!

Sat Apr 28 5:45pm (Key Cinemas)

Sun Apr 29 7:15pm (Key Cinemas)

Whew! They are at different days/times. I think there are some Whedon fans/Browncoats running this festival:

You canít stop the signal. Even though Serenity was released in 2005, it still maintains massive fan loyalty. The movie follow up to the acclaimed television show Firefly, Serenity is yet another example of why Joss Whedon is loved by so many. This unique look at the future combines amazing characters, action, and Whedonís classic wit. Come and see why fans flock to this film every time it is shown.

Could you squeeze Buffy and Serenity into the first top page of your post!

Fri Apr 27 10:00 pm (Key Cinemas) 1

Sat Apr 28 10:00 pm (Key Cinemas) 1
I love this...a festival showing Serenity, Buffy and Waitress.

Anybody else checked the other festivals??
They're also going to screen Done The Impossible, right after Serenity! :)
Darn me for being a good person and agreeing to help a friend move the one time that there's fun Whedony stuff happening just 2 hours away instead of on one coast of the other.

Hmm, May 3rd is my friend's birthday, maybe she'd like to take a little jaunt to Indy. And a party celebrating the works of Dan Wakefield, too. Wowza! He who should be most famous for saying that since Kurt Vonnegut had gone to Shortridge High School and became a good and successful writer, so he figured since he went to Shortridge High School, it would be easy for him to become a good and successful writer. Ha there's my obscure bit of knowledge to balance out all you sci-fi and comic experts who leave me in the dust constantly.
I love this even more...a film festival showing Serenity, Done the Impossible, Buffy Singalong and Waitress.

Woo hoo! There's finally a Serenity showing close by! I'm totally going to be there. Go Indiana!
Josh, several of us Indiana BCs are hoping to meet beforehand. Please go to
to learn more :)
The wife and I will try to be there early, too, for the sing-along. This is going to be great!
Well, I don't know about great... I've been asked to lead the Saturday "Hero of Canton" and "Firefly Theme" singalongs. Pretty scary... my singing, that is! lol

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