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"Does being a ninja count as having powers?"
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April 09 2007

Nathan's Outing Riley at Miami Gay/Lesbian Film Fest. No, not Riley Finn. Nathan plays the very funny brother of a very non-stereotypical gay guy.

This film is written/directed by Project: Greenlight winner Pete Jones. I understand it will also be playing the major gay film fests in San Francisco, Los Angeles, etc, this summer. It is being distributed by Wolfe Releasing (

Are you sure it's not Riley Finn? You *see* him with Forrest and Graham? :P
Are you sure it's not Riley Finn? You *see* him with Forrest and Graham?

In my dreams... and some fan fic.
Now we see the true. The Initiative is closed down under DADT because it comes out that the guys were involved. Riley only took up with Buffy to provide cover; the continuous sex was just a ploy. When they were figured out, the Initiative set Adam on themselves to fake their destruction and went underground. Sam is actually a guy, and they have happy gay orgies and demon hunting parties in the more liberal South American jungles.

Alright, back to work.
Well, Finn did admit on the show he was a lesbian, as I recall. ;)

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