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April 09 2007

Lego and Buffy - what could be better? Not necessarily new but I didn't see these links in the archive.

Going Through the Motions
. Not quite comic book quality but still fun.

not only is lego the best toy ever invented, its possibilities are unlimited. if i ever have children (which i won't, they make me nervous), i will only ever buy them lego. and play-doh.

and buffy is marvellous.

nothing tops the lego/buffy combo.

except perhaps puppies and english muffins...
Legos aren't as cool as they use to be, you can only buy them in kits now. No more bags or boxes of random blocks to do what you will with them.
Lego really rocks now because of all the cool bits in the kits. My kids make really amazing stuff. They're not quite doing Buffy but we have some awesome Star Wars creations around here using stuff from the various kits we've bought.
Legos aren't as cool as they use to be, you can only buy them in kits now. No more bags or boxes of random blocks to do what you will with them.

That is so not true.... Go to any Toys R Us, and you'll find boxes of random LEGO blocks of any size, often with a thousand pieces or more. Also, LEGO sells bags and buckets of blocks online. I know, my kids' room is knee-deep in LEGOs...
Thanks for the link. That was fun. Excellent animation too. Very impressed.
Yeah I work for a toy store and can assure you that Lego still makes block assortments. However I do agree that Lego has gone downhill. I remember when there were 4 styles: town, pirate, space, and castle, with technic for older kids and duplo for younger ones. Now it seems like Lego has sold out to any license it can get its hands on. NBA, Star Wars, Batman, Avatar: the Last Airbender, it's gotten ridiculous. And I'm sorry but the Bionicle language is just gibberish and is promoting illiteracy in children. Seriously though, that was pretty cool. Anyone speak German or know which episode?
So that flip hair style doesn't come in blond? Ok that was totally amusing!
Yeah, but what did they say, what did they say??
Was it German??
I never had Lego growing up. *sob* So very deprived. If I wanted to build stuff, I had to make walls out of Barbies...

Cute video. :-)
My German is rusty, but I think the gist is:

Willow: I'm (getting bored?).
Buffy: Oh, don't say that.
Willow: Don't make fun of me!

I'm not sure about the first line or exactly how it makes sense if I'm right...does that sound like any actual episode to anybody?

Walls made from Barbies are hilariously strange. :)

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My German is also a bit rusty, and I only listened once, but I did catch "bored" or "boring" in the first sentence, so I don't think you're far off there.

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