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April 10 2007

Common Rotation. Trailer for the Documentary: How To Lose. "A clip from the documentary film "How To Lose" by Peter Stass and Matt McCardle following the folk outfit Common Rotation as they embark on a world wide living room tour".

Another trailer

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For anyone in the Los Angeles area, Common Rotation is playing at the Knitting Factory on Hollywood Blvd. tonight (Tues. April 10). For location and details, check out the band's website,
As a newly converted Common Rotation fan, I can honestly say that I'm looking forward to this. :)
Nice :) The boys were all set up to play my living room when I lived in Minneapolis, but then they landed a gig opening for They Might Be Giants and we had to move the CoRo Solo Show (also featuring CornMo) out of my house to a bigger venue. Oh, well... Nice guys, though, and they put on a fun, energetic show.
Is it just me or does that second link not work?

I'm excited for this documentary to finally come out. Is there a release date yet?
fortunateizzi - there was a problem with the html for the second link, which I've corrected.
Wow. I didn't know Adam Busch was also a rock god.
Adam Busch is a rock god who dates Amber Benson, apparently. Rock on!
and resembles me just a very very little bit, which is as clsoe as *I'd* ever get to dating Amber, so I echo your sentiments.
Gossi, Amber Benson is a goddess, so it makes sense she'd date a god. ;)

I hear sometimes when you go to see "Common Rotation," you get an included serenade by Amber (if she's travelin with her guy). That's gotta be cool.
Unfortunately Amber wasn't with the band when they came to Toronto to play in a teeny tiny café - but Common Rotation was fantastic.

It put me in mind of my ill spent youth, hanging around coffee shops, listening to the music ;-)
I have been to a number of Common Rotation concerts where Ms. Benson was in the audience -- I have never seen her join the band on stage. There are sometimes moments in the show where the audience is requested to sing along, but at this point, everybody in the room is serenading everybody else in the room (though the crowd generally still looks to Common Rotation to carry the melody line).
Okay, I finally went to iTunes Music store and bought their "The Big Fear" album. $10 is a pretty good deal for catchy, toe-tappin' tunes. :)
Adam Busch is a rock god who dates Amber Benson, apparently. Rock on!

Okay... Warren dating Tara. Now my head hurts.

Also, should there be something in the subject line perhaps mentioning Adam Busch, because *man*, I had no idea who Common Rotation were!
Wow, I had no idea! I followed the first link to YouTube and watched three other Common Rotation clips, now I'm an instant fan. The gig at The Knitting Factory is interesting, I think that's where Janes Marster's now defunct band Ghost of the Robot played their first gig.
If Kane has played there as well, I'm going to start wondering about this venue being some sort of Jossverse musically inclined alumni mystical convergence site.
crossoverman wrote: Okay... Warren dating Tara. Now my head hurts.

Hey, Wesley married Willow, so... :)
I was blown away the first time I saw them play. It made me see Adam Busch in a completely different light, having always thought of him as "that evil Warren guy" before, and I became an instant CoRo fan for life. These guys are very, very talented, and so fun to watch. I'm really excited to see the documentary.
Hey, Wesley married Willow, so... :)

Which makes infinitely more sense :-)
Shey, Ghost of the Robot played their first gig in a dive in Santa Monica, followed by one in Paris. They did play the Knitting Factory later on.

CoRo are a fun band live - intelligent folk-rock.
crossoverman, quantumac; Actually I *like* the cotnrast between the charcaters and the real people. But then I love irony to an unhealthy degree.
When I saw Common Rotation, Amber was there helping to sell the CDs at the end of the show. People would ask her to sign the CD, and she would decline gracefully saying she was not involved in making the music.
austinglobe; Now *that's* what I consider an earmark of a real pro! And also a decent person.

I once thought I'd amuse myself making a list of real-life relationships with character 'ship style nicknames but ran out after Wilsley, Tarren (or Warra), and perahps Groomony. Using characters outside the Jossverse I got Crypla and Fruffy but thatw as about it.
Mark Lutz and Mercedes McNab are potentially a couple?! Shit...why am I always the last to know?

;) is interesting to think on how the Whedonverse actors met their SOs, even more so when you look at couples like Alexis and Alyson or Adam and Amber. Hollywood is one giant family, so I guess redneck rules of consanguinity apply;)
BEB: "Hollywood is one giant family, so I guess redneck rules of consanguinity apply;) " Well, that was a mean-spirited remark and I enjoyed it thoroughly! (actually, in my own fanfic 'verse I assume the Maclays are heavily inbred....)

As to MErcedes and Mark, they were defintiely "seen in each others' company" a few times a couple years back, dunno how serious or long-term it was.

I might or might not like Common Ro if I ever got a chance to hear them. I've never been a folkie as such (mainly vintage pop and classic country) but I do like soem acts like the Kingston Trio and NAnci Griffith and from what little I've picked up Adam and hsi pal go for that sort of sound, albeit updated. Don't own a CD or DVD player (or even a TV or my own 'puter) so I don't expect to find out anytime soon.
Never really meant to be mean-spirited when I noted the almost incestuous nature of relationships in Hollywood, DaddyCatALSO....but it does get kinda weird at times when you find out an actor or actress is dating a fellow cast mate, or that Actor X is dating Actress Y, who used to date Actor/Actress Z.

And on a separate but related note, I had a ticket to see CoRo the last time they played Toronto...but I had to miss it due to a lack of transport. Just hope they come back this way soon:(

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