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April 11 2007

AICN Comics' review of Runaways #25. Scroll down the page a bit to learn what AICN comic specialist Humphrey Lee thinks of Whedon's debut on Runaways.

Huh. I wonder what the hours are like for a Goth Overlord gig. It sounds demanding.

Oh, and about the actual content: I'm new to Runaways but I was immediately fascinated by the moral ambiguity.
This actually does make a good jumping on point if you're one of the many fans who probably had no idea this book existed until Joss "Goth Overlord" Whedon's name became attached to it, but there will be some details that will probably go over your head at first so it would be nice if you went out and at least tried some of those nifty digests that cover the span of the book thus far to see what you missed.

On the advice of someone who posted here awhile back, I'm starting at the beginning. I found the first two TPBs at the local library and have purchased the last three. As far as I can tell, that will bring me up to date. Am I right about that?

I'm one of those people who had never set foot inside a comic book store before Buffy Season 8. I've been trying to remember when I last read a comic book, and I think it was probably Superman and probably before February of 1964. (The Beatles led to teen mags then music publications along with a fairly large record collection.) But now I have a comic book store with my very own subscription box. My husband thinks it's a midlife crisis, but the nice young man at the store assures me it's not.
I took off the spoiler tag. With comic books, I think about a week is about the maximum time a spoiler tag is needed.
Simon, a week should be enough time, but I just received my TFAW subscription copy of Buffy's second issue today, and I also just got my Marvel subscription copy of Runaways issue 25 today. I'll confess that I did get them both at my local comic book store when they were released, but that can be unreliable (he doesn't 'pull' desired issues, I don't know why, but it is a very small operation), which is why I subscribe.
You'd think with a small operation he'd be more reliable. The store I've been going to since I moved for med school has a huge # of people to pull for every week and does a pretty good job of doing it. The guy doing it even remembered to give me the last copy of runaways 25 since he knows i'm a huge joss fan. Also, I might have burned the store down if he didn't give me a copy of runaways.
Bobbi- I started from the beginning of the series not long ago as well (as a BK Vaughan- Y:Last Man fan) and have been getting the TPBs from the library as well. As I understand it, there are 4 TPB's making up volume 1 (#1-#18). There is a Hardback collecting volume 2 (though the issues start at #1 again) and a forthcoming hardback volume 3, which finishes the Vaughan run (#24).

I am really enjoying the series. I liked #25 and liked Joss's take on the characters. I am looking forward to seeing where he goes with them. I am hoping they get someone as good once his tenure is up (I think he is on for 6, yes?).

And I too hadn't read a comic in many years until recently, first with Y and Fray and then, of course, Buffy S8.
Bobbi, I'm with ya. Started with Fray, really liked Runaways (which I read with my 12-year-old daughter--got the big hardbacks), moved on to Y:The Last Man, which is great (but not for my daughter) and, of course am having the comic shop pull Buffy for me. I've have been really wanting to read some things I've read about here. Am now realizing that this is a very expensive habit which I perhaps ought not to have gotten myself into. Oh well. Too late! My comic shop guy doesn't seem the least bit surprised by a female middle-aged newbie, so maybe it's not as weird as I thought. Or maybe he's just imperturbable.

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